Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Private N Confidential No More

LET ME NOT TALK ABOUT FOOD TODAY and allow me to share these helpful "healthful" tips with you.... I am going to reveal something private and confidential about myself, was hesitating for awhile and after some thinking, what the heck, might as well share the goodness, why keep to myself...

Alright, for those who are having red rashes behind your body back, u know, err...something like acne but not really pimples and they just wouldnt go away, well, dont worry, "mama" here wants to show you this 'miracle' lotion.... My back has been suffering from red spots for few years and I have been to skin specialists but to no avail... the pimple-like spots are stubbornly there for good, so it seems ... until lately, I cannot 'tahan' anymore, I went to General Hospital to show off myself to the young doctors there...

To cut story short, (I know i m long-winded, pls bear with me), the young lady doctor prescribed this bottle of lotion to me... just to apply on my back, not the face... and u know what? IT WORKS!!! I admit I was not confident at the lotion, I just have no more choice... and I am so glad that I went to the GH though I have to wait nearly 2 hours to get everything done.. it was so worth it....now my spots have disappeared....really, if u dont believe, next time I snap a picture of the proof to show ..... (hehee... talk talk only ah)

Written here is sulphur 2% ET + calamine lotion, sounds simple but it is my best cure... somemore, its free of charge :)

(HELLO, this is not an advertisement, its a real life story, names enclosed are real)


  1. hey, i know this lotion.. it's usually used for chicken pox, did you know that? Calamine lotion. but the one you have has a percentage of Sulphur. Sulphur is used for many skin conditions even for head where some ppl have those bad skin breakouts under their hair. There is a product that has Sulphur for that. Also, if you dip in Hot Springs, it has an amount of Sulphur that miraculously helps those leg problems and skin problems. So, your lotion is definitely very convincing with all the right properties.

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    Tats all. Hope that helps.

  2. eh? Calamine lotion!
    Yeah.. Last time my mom and brother always go to general hospital to get a few bottles of it.. Cos my brother got skin problem one..

    Mom always ask us to put on our face one a day to prevent pimples and just like you, put on rashes to cool it down.. But now they don't give calamine to my brother and me already.. They gave us cream.. Hydrocortisone.. And Betamethosone.. Ahahaha.. Medical term.. I always see my house full of this stuff until i know d.

    Btw, i want to share something too.. You know those lotion we bought for skin one? Nivea, those brands, i got my one for free! Of course not from Nivea.. This is because, due to my minor skin problem and my brother's one too, they gave us AQUES CREAM which is similar to the lotion and moisture ur skin more than the other lotions.

    THere's a catch la.. No fragrance.. AHaha.. But available for RM5! Why rm5? Because i have no school letter.. so need to pay rm5.. Ahahaha.. :P THat's the fees.. But worth it.. I got so many medicines.. :D

    Btw, the nurses at the GH shared something with my mother.. They said, Baby Johnson's Milk Bath is really good at moistening your skin.. because they have the same ingredient to make the AQUES CREAM. So, if you want smooth skin from the body shampoo, try that! I used for 3 days and i felt the difference..

    And oh yea, if you are the type like my father that doesn't like the body shampoo which didn't produce a lot of foam, i suggest you not to use the Baby Johnson's Milk Bath.. They just produce a little foam.. Hehe.. Really a bit.. :D

  3. so sweet of you to share. thank you. i used to get calamine from the doc for face. the ones outside dunno similar percentage of chemical or not. but anyway its way cheaper buying from outside.

  4. oh, thank you so much for your tips! my back are actually so ugly, i do not dare to wear bare-back tops... :( my back's condition might be same as you, it has red blotches which aren't acne... so ugly! btw, i would definitely will try your tips!

    btw, can this lotion be obtained from the pharmacy? going to GH means taking my precious annual leaves from me... :( hurrhurrhurr...

  5. yes..calamine is for chicken pox or anything that itches.. but with a percentage of sulphur, it is very effective for acne and for pimple prone areas... but doc said dont put on face .. perhaps the face is not so thick skinned as the other parts.. haha.. anyway, it works.. they still owe me one more bottle cos it was out of stock the other day... GH not bad leh...free some more..

  6. mei wah..i hv asked pharmacies outside but they dont hv this mixed with sulphur..just calamine lotion they hv but its not effective cos its too mild..well, i guess we hv to sacrifice our time to wait there.. what to do.. beauty is important ma.. we ladies oi leng one.. yes, like u, i couldnt wear string type.. later, i can lo...hehe...

  7. GH seem not bad... but have to scarified time...

  8. it may works for the back or maybe your condition already healing before u took calamine. I used for chicken pox and it helps to soothe the condition but it doesn't really works for acne. I also got it from GH during my teen years for my pimples... :P

  9. chris..its not just calamine, plus sulphur its different la.. wei, by the way, how many years back already since u were a teen ah?? everything has changed now...

  10. eh...that's 10+ years back only la.. haha....

  11. dreaming la..chris.. at least 2 decades more lo... haha...

  12. Thanks for sharing Claire, I think this would work best on my skin coz i have this rash that never goes away, i think he loves me already which sucks lol..

    Where can i buy it, are they availbale online?

  13. sorry Rose.. this is from the government hospital in Malaysia.. but i m sure they are also available overseas... sulphur with calamine.. u can ask at yr available pharmacies perhaps...


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