Wednesday, September 17, 2008

hello hello...where ART thou?


Some time ago, I helped my girl in her handicraft, it was in a shape of a big bowl, made of paper and she asked me to help her paint it up with creative designs or whatever I can think of. Before I did it for her, I warned her first, my ART is not good ah, not creative at all, never got an A before too........She said never mind, just help her paint it up... she is willing to take the risk, she said.

Anyway, I have forgotten all about it until yesterday, suddenly I remember and asked her what grade she had for her ART. She mumbled softly... I heard something like a "D".....

"HUH? Grade D? the one mummy did...... how can D? Sure or not?" I was expecting at least a grade C, if not B.....

In a louder tone, girl told me... "MUMMY, NOT D ..... ITS AN E ... GRADE E!!"


Is my Art really that ARTless????

On the brighter side.....

I know I won't be "INVITED" to assist in her ART anymore :)


  1.'s ok, at least you help, Probably asked her to do it herself in the future with some advice from you or get Andy to help out.

  2. hehe.. u think so? anyway, the boys are better than the girl, where art is concerned.. perhaps art classes do help.. next time, send yr kids to art class if u r artless like me..

  3. hahahah.... oops sorry sister...

    that is okay actually. my mom never do that to me, she never help me when i ask for her help.

    you are good:D

  4. I never good in drawing. There was once my teacher gave me an "F" for art even though I tried my best drawing and colour it. I think there should not be an "F" for the effort. Only an empty piece of paper deserve an "F"

  5. Maybe the F meant Fail? haha.. i thought maximum grade is E ... the one my girl had, done by the mother. anyway, art is not easy... it is a talent to be creative and artistic..

  6. hahaha...that's terrible sis! now we can be friends in art...i'm not also creative. hehehe...

    thanks for visiting kimchiland

  7. it's ok atleast you tried and we are all artists in our own way c: not everybody understands our art. Van Gogh was even thought as crazy and his art was recognized when he already died and years after his death that his art became priceless when at his time it was just craziness c:

  8. you reminds me of my mum. she also used to help me on some of my art projects in primary school, however not a BIG help thou..haha.

  9. syelynn, actually we mums want to help, but ART is really my cup of tea... other subjects like Maths, perhaps still ok... for certain topics..

  10. Bwahahahaha.......... I think at one point Mom only needs to admit that Art is not her element!!

    Better luck next time sista!

  11. LOL.
    You are a sweet mami.
    So nice that helping your kid to do the art.
    when i was small, my mami used to help me in art too.
    jia you jia you!

  12. So nice of you to try helping out your me the 'E' = Excellent! for being there for your kids =)

  13. haha.. E excellent? self consolation lo.. perhaps the mami should go for art designing course then it might be a help to her kids later on.. for young mothers to be, do send yr kids to art class if u r like me.. "artless" haha.

  14. First time you got an "E" for Excellence? That is how far you progress from then till 2008. Better go back to school and start all over again. Then you have the chance to 'polish' up your ART and get a 'D'? OK maybe a 'D+'?

  15. thank you for yr advice, Bean.. i will consider taking up when i m free from blogging... :)

  16. Hahaha .. Don't worry, maybe the teacher can detect that that 'master piece' was too good and surely has been helped by 'somebody' ... Maybe getting an E was just being too helpful ?


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