Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lunch At Lan Je Rawang

BEFORE WE LEFT FOR IPOH THE NEXT DAY, we took lunch at Lan Je in Rawang again ... Belinda told us this stall is famous for its steamed talapia fish... according to her, the owner makes sure that the fish is steamed 2 times, first to remove the excess water then steamed again, at the same time, the texture of the fish remains and not overcooked at all. We waited 45 minutes for our lunch to come, started to grumble already..... but when the food was tasted, it was worth waiting for....

The shop was crowded... thank goodness there was this empty table waiting for us...

to while away the time, I took some snapshots...

finally after 45 min, the cuttlefish with big onions arrived...very tasty sauce...

stir fry leafy vegetables (sweet potato leaves)

with the minced ginger and sauce, it was the best so far I have ever tasted...

too bad... Lan Je doesnt know I m advertising for her... the lunch cost us RM50.00
a bit expensive but it is worth it because of the aroma of the dishes....


  1. wow, another outside adventure c: do you always eat out?

  2. no iceah, i dont always eat out unless i go visiting outskirts with my frens or family. Last week, we had a dinner out of town, its 3 hours drive from my home and we stayed overnite in a fren's place. haha... its expensive to eat out all the time...

  3. cuttle fish!! i love 'jiu hu'...but i love sotong even more! yummy yummy...

  4. Hi Reanaclaire, love the pics.
    I used to fish for Tilapia in outskirts of Ipoh ponds and pools, but don't eat them....prefer sea fish, ha ha.
    But love udang galah.....used to fish them at Kuala Selangor, Tanjong Tualang....BIG ones back in the 70s.

    The dishes sure look delicious. Guess Malaysia now holidays for the Raya, huh? Have a nice holiday, Lee.

  5. i like the leafy one and the fish..i love one of the singa food..so yummy..

  6. I like the cuttlefish dish the most

  7. i love fish, but i prefer if the Tilapia had some black bean sauce. but it's such a waste if the fish was really fresh the best way is really steamed simple. i like onions alot ... hope as i advance in age in another 10 years more, it wont make me pass more gas...hehehe

  8. by the way do you love to cook? teach me a little of your good recipes c:

  9. i admire your tenacity for going after good foods, for me, 45 minutes i cabut liao lah. by the way my friend just called me from Ipoh, he told me Lou Wong Gya Choi Kai, was like jammed packed, true ka sister?

  10. yes, true eugene..esp now during holiday season. But after this week, will be quieter... it is always like that during festive season..

  11. Yeah I hv heard about this place - famous for the steamed fish - seems everyone order 1 fish per individual there!


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