Friday, September 26, 2008

Moonlight Resonance Versus Blogging....

It is almost 1 am now and I am still sitting here in front of my computer. Now my blogging has to move aside to make way for Moonlight Resonance which has taken over my free time since 2 days ago. The show is getting more and more interesting each day... I am looking forward to weekends where I can watch and stay up longer. But will I end up having panda eyes instead?

My uploading of pictures will have to wait...

I have thought of waiting up to catch opportunities but it seems the mosquitos under the table here are catching my 'blood' instead... I better go.... before they suck me dry....


  1. Hi, thank you for the visit! Got all those opps from payu2blog.

    have a nice weekend ahead:)

  2. this is a funny post claire c: i love the way you describe your eyes when you said panda eyes c: i shall use that description hehehe c:

    hey the poem i wanted to share was posted already at:

  3. aiyo....go to sleep la. stop blogging and moonlighting in the wee hours of the night. hehe..

  4. you are still watching? i thought the show ended ages ago? i watched at

  5. a new way of burning the midnight oil, way to go Claire, multi-watching

  6. hey.. if it makes you feel better. come to my blog and get a nice warm meal.

  7. lol nice one claire.. ;) idk y i lov this post.. lol.. ^_^ it seems like i was there wif u.. lol ur post bring me back to ur moonlight night.. ;)welldone.. ;)


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