Monday, September 29, 2008

Festive Raya Mood

This week is gonna be a relaxing week... Hari Raya Aidilfitri... most government office will be very quiet and isolated, but most of my colleagues are still here today, touching up their last minute work, some are in a raya mood, buying and distributing their biscuits and delicacies and later before they go back, they will hug each other, same time wishing one another before they go back to their country homes ie. "kampungs."

For us, non muslims, we will look forward to tasting their festive food after this week... there will be lots to eat... (food again). Meanwhile, we will stay and hold the "fort" till they come back... yawn... how I wish I could go to sleep... my Moonlight Resonance is become my midnight matinee each night...


  1. good time for you to relax and heal before the bosses come back.

  2. can't wait till i see the food you will devour next hehehe.. dropped ec here...

  3. HI claire, glad to know that you're relaxin out there.. Don't forget to take pics...


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