Thursday, October 30, 2008

Flying From Dubai for IPOH food

MY COUSIN TKL who is presently working in Dubai flew back to IPOH to visit his papa and us, of course. Once back to IPOH sweet IPOH, there will be no turning back when it comes to food. For most locals who have migrated overseas, it is no surprise that they will eat all they can when they come back to Malaysia. Gaining or putting on weight will not hinder them from stuffing as much as they can :))

Same for TKL here, he wanted something hot and spicy... no problem, I took him to a coffeeshop called Kopi Thiam where they sell various type of spicy hot stuff namely....

spicy hokkien mee
(I forgot to snap the prawn paste that was supplied separately)

hot and spicy fried koay teow

fish balls curry

TKL said.. "hmm.. hmmm" too hot for words...

after the meal, we adjourned to buy durians from this apek...

apek said "guarantee can eat one"

my cousin helping apek to open .... using all his might...

... and .."open sesame" ... the durian gave such an aroma smell
and of course the wonderful bittersweet taste....

TKL, I hope you have a wonderful time eating whatever you craved for during the few days you were here. Till we meet again...


  1. ehhhh i can't stand the smell of durian hehehe.. I love spicy foods and looking at those pictures makes me hungry..

  2. wahhhhhhh look like very delicious again.. and i like spicy food! can open my big appetite ! hahaha.. yum yum.. next time i go ipoh must find u bring me go eat around ! hahaha

  3. durian abounds in the southern part of the philippines. it smells so bad, but they say it taste so heavenly!

    i have linked you up. pls link me too. thanks

  4. What is the price of the durian there now?

  5. I love the foods Claire except Durian. In Philippines, we have lots of it and expensive too, but, I don't like the taste and the smell can make me throw up. They say, "It taste like Heaven and smell like Hell"...the latter is true...LOL!

  6. Goodness Claire, you made me drool looking at the posted pictures but except the durian. I missed those kind of spicy food in Taipei....waaahh.

  7. i think the durian season is coming back again... hip heap hurrrry....

  8. wow...looks great n delicious the durian,,,hahaha...
    at My town MEDAN CITY many durian o...
    hehehe.... that a Gud FRUIT

  9. Loves all the food..yummy yummy...don't eat alone Claire..share it with me ba...huhu

  10. hehehe makagutom poh mga post nyo...hehehe

    take care...^__^...

  11. dutian is one of the most abundant fruits here in Davao, philippines. AT first the smell was not nice but then when I tried eating it I just love it. just watch your could make you hypertensive..durian Seasons comes in the month of july- September...

  12. grace, not only hypertension but diabetic as well if one is not careful.. its not durian season yet, thank goodness.. that is why more expensive nowadays..

  13. oh, those foods look so gooooood but I am not so into spicy food but durian...i can have durian-eating contest with you hehehe!

  14. I really really MISS Malaysian's food right now...


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