Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ipoh Garden Gourmet Square

JUST NOW AFTER CHURCH SERVICE, three of us went for dinner cum supper in Ipoh Garden Gourmet Square .. it was Saturday night .. not surprising it was crowded especially its after 10pm. There are a lot of varieties in this open space gourmet square, u name it, u almost can get to eat them over here.....

managed to take a picture of the banner on top of the entrance...

the crowd, occupying almost every table there...

I was very hungry tonite so I ordered this big bowl of "pan mee"
...flat noodles with fried anchovies, leafy vege and some fish cake

followed by a bowl of "bubur cha cha"
(ice mixed with cubes sweet potatoes, yam and all sorts of jelly
and furnished with coconut and evaporated milk)

there is another Food City by the name of Woolley
just opposite the Gourmet Square where we ate...


  1. I stopped-by Ipoh during the trip to Penang in Aug but couldn't find good food 'coz unfamiliar with the place.

  2. yes, if not locals, its a bit difficult cos not much highlights were promoted on ipoh food actually and road signs are a bit tough here. well, not to worry, if u have any queries u want to know, just drop by here and i try my best to lead u the way there..

  3. Aiyo. The bubur cha cha looks just like ice kacang. *saliva drooling*. Each time I visit your blog, I suffer... with cravings.

  4. pan mee and bubur cha2??
    so yummyyy!!

  5. The food looks yummy! I am not sure though where this place is :)

    I'm from the Philippines ^^


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