Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What'sThe Latest With David Archuleta??

TONIGHT WHILE SURFING, suddenly, David Archuleta came into my mind... my, my, it seems like ages since I last blogged about him when the American Idol show was on.... After the finale, I didn't keep track of this guy.. he was my favourite during that time... (that shows how 'loyal' I am) and I have blogged a few posts about him then...

Ok, I am not that "out of sight, out of mind" fan.... just now I went digging for some information and latest updates is His Album Crush is out... and all fans of David Archuleta, you can listen to his Crush this youtube link.

Isn't he cute and ... gorgeous? I don't mind if he loves my daughter.. (hahahahaha)
sorry, girl... mama is a bit crazy...

Anyone has other news than this? Got girlfriend or not? From the video, he still looks very young and shy...He is really a role model...... What do u think?


  1. hehe.. ur criteria for Son in law.. so easy one ah? Shy, young.. can sing song.. haha! Bollywood manyak ooo..

  2. hehe.. bollywood no la.. hoollywood ok la...i can go ma...i also want to find hooleywood

  3. hahaahah.. well at least mama oredi give blessing mah right?

    Anyways, I heard on the radio that 17 year old David has never kissed a girl. Hmm.. kalah ngan Katy Perry....

    So that makes him more eligible to be your son-in-law?? hehehe

  4. haha...dream first...
    dont know why..his looks.. so goody goody.. melts this old lady's heart.. sometimes not everything is explainable..haha..
    ok ok.. better dont talk so much.. tonite might dream about him ..

  5. try google him...maybe you can get some pieces of news or go to his fan site.

  6. This David Archuleta is really cute. For sure your daughter will like her too! I agree coz moms want only good things for their child, right? (Lol!)
    Btw, I have an award for you. Please get it if you have time. Take care!


  7. I liked it when he sand With You in the Idol even though they didn't liked it. :)

  8. i love the song "imagine" .. he sang his version, it was so touching.. he made the words come alive with its meaning.. Heaven too.. when he did his audition..

  9. david cook better....hahaha...

  10. he is a charming kid and very talented person at that.

    thanks for visiting my site. i might be stalking yours too!

  11. So you like david. I don't blame you. Alot of girls like him too. But yeah, just like more guys do, I like David cook better.

    Wanna know what's up with him? I suggest visiting this dude's site: rickey.org coz he's like david's no. 1 fan!!! LOL.

    Thanks for visiting my site. Wanna ex-link?

  12. Wa still cant believe it that you still cannot forget David Archuleta after he was cooked out by David Cook.

    By the way, didnt like the two davids songs, i still prefer Bo Bice

  13. eugene..rockers not for me.. bo bice and carrie underwood, same time, right? carrie is for me.. haha.. anything that is soothing to my ears is my type.. Different ppl , different taste.

  14. u know i watched so many AI but i missed out this season's! and everyone spoke about this good looking fella! got to catch it one day, at one go...hehehe

  15. he's cuteeeeee... i like him better than david cook...
    juz cos he's cuteeeeee *starryeyed*

    =P hehehe

  16. U can watch them at the youtube or the AI website..perhaps they r still there, waiting for u to watch them..
    Yanz, give me a high-5 (not bread, ok)


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