Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Delicious Christmas Cookies Recipes

Christmas is around the corner, its exactly a month away. My siblings and I are planning to have a buffet party and we are inviting our close relatives and friends for this occasion. As usual, my eldest brother will be in charge of the night's program, spreading the love of God among our guests. There will be music of songs and worship filling the air by our younger generations. For the ladies, we will be in charge of food as usual, from the main cost to desserts and of course, our special cookies too.

Well, this year will be a bit special because I will be doing my own cookies. Actually my girl has been pestering me to bake the cookies ourselves rather than purchasing them, of course, she is right, home baking is always the best. Everything is almost ready, I have even found the right Christmas cookie recipes in this website. There are so many recipes to choose from, they are so traditional like especially the German lebkuchen, commonly known as gingerbread. I am sure kids will love to have those for Christmas.

Just by looking at the Christmas cookies can bring about the season feeling of sharing and caring among one another. And the best way to start giving is our home baked special cookies.


  1. Wei, r u inviting me to your christmas party ah? ;-) Must show pics of your cookies leh.

  2. don't forget so show us your cookie pics ya!

  3. Get your FREE EBOOK with lots of cookie recipes,




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