Monday, November 10, 2008

Exam Phobia... Andy Or Me?

I noticed this picture in my desktop,Andy must have gotten it from somewhere, sort of depicting himself in this situation now.

Tomorrow is HIS BIG DAY... HIS FINALS EXAM.... SPM/O levels... important exam....sort of an opening to his future....

It is late now but he just couldn't get to sleep... I heard him pacing up and down his room and to the toilet.... Is he getting some exam phobia??? I pray he is not getting some nervous breakdown, if he is not, MAYBE I AM... .... I AM ALSO VERY WIDE AWAKE.....


  1. ;) wish andy all the best! ^_^

    P/s: claire.. dont get nervous too.. lol ^_^ he'll be fine.. :) as long as he study and didnt stress out.. or.. panic.. he'll be fine! ;)

  2. Ahh...1st day of SPM today! Wish your Andy all the best! LL also said he couldn't sleep last night but talk only, he slept just fine, hehe! Be cool, don't make careless mistakes - that's my advice to him!

  3. hey, raynebow, thank you very much, i want to wish your LL the same too..hope both of them will do their best and they r happy with their outcome...

  4. all of us been there and experienced this before. as long as he tried his best, no need to worry.
    there's always other opportunities around if he don't do well and spm is not really the death curse to career. for example, i got second grade but re-sit the spm again and i got to polytechnic and local U.

  5. oh i wonder how my mum felt when it was my exams too! haha :) btw, im sure yr children will do well - with yr guidance :)

    ps: btw, uve won the cd by ken on my blog. do drop me an email k?

  6. not a phobia, its anxiety! mild anxiety is helpful because it makes u alert but severe anxiety will definitely blur your thoughts. So if u noticed him that he's gettin to much anxious, teach him some relaxtion techniques! goodluck!


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