Friday, November 28, 2008

Give Thanks No Matter What....

Had another hectic day.... happy, worrying....and exhausted now...
Feeling happy because Andy finally finished his O levels and AAron is back for his 2 months semester holiday .... hope my girl will not complain of boredom anymore ....

Worrying because my buddy, Lynn is admitted to hospital again because of morning sickness. She is 7 weeks pregnant and feeling giddy 24/7. She is on CRIB now, she cannot eat or drink and any slightest movement, she will vomit. She is counting the days when she will reach her 3rd month so that she can be eating normally again... right now, we pray that she will overcome this giddiness ... we miss her bubbly laughter, it is not the same without her.

Exhausted now... with mixed emotions....happy and worrying for different persons, different reasons.... that reminds me... in all circumstances, good or bad, give thanks to our God.. for no matter what happens, He will lead us through, never forsake nor leaving us....


  1. I am agree with u...give thanks for everything..even for the bad, because the bad thing is usually the beginning of the god things...

  2. ur right miss claire, give thanks no matter what.
    take care

  3. Amen to this. We have to give thanks for everything..and let the good things outnumber the bad.

    God bless and Take Care!!!

  4. im blessed than others, thats what i think, and i always gave thanks

  5. Women are the greatest person! Not only giving birth is tough, but the process of pregnancy as well. But it is very rare to hear pregnant lady having giddiness 24/7. Let's pray together for her :)

    And you are right, thanks for everything, no matter happiness or sadness. They train us to be a better person in some ways :)

  6. hi claire,

    well, she's gonna be alright. Different women react differently to early pregnancy; some don't have severe morning sicknes.

    give her strength and encouragement. After all, you've been through that not once, but three times :)


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