Friday, November 21, 2008

My Cafetaria

THIS IS THE PLACE where the staff take the meals. It is called canteen or cafetaria (hahaaa... as if no one knows)... I seldom take my meals here unless there is really no choice.... No choice means at times no transport to go out or too lazy to or its raining cats and dogs...

my so called cafetaria...

a piece of papaya to start with....

followed by a plate of fried rice kampung style...

and a plate of malay kueh... called cucuk bawang
(deep fried flour with onions)
taken with sweet sour sauce....
hey, I am not the only one eating all these...
we share... sharing makes food tastier... right?


  1. your cafetaria,or private kopitiam or ko pi char poh looks clean,you must eat in often ma,times are bad,one cent is one cent earned.

    btw,claire have a wonderful weekend and God Bless

  2. not bad, looks clean. How's the food?

  3. food is ok lar lar.. depends on what u order.. the ones i displayed.. those can be considered ok lar.. dont compare to the food outside..price is not cheap.. that plate of rice cost 3.50rm.. canteen can be expensive too..

  4. looks nice and decent enough to eat. i am very lazy when it comes to walking to find for food. means i go near by type wan.

  5. hey!!! these look good! i am hungry again! hehehe

    good day dear!

  6. either our ringgit is not doing well or the price of our goods has gone up ....

    btw, the food, how was it?

  7. hi Teekay... as i said, i usually order nasi goreng, (fried rice) kampung style..with ikan bilis (anchoives) and egg on top.. it will last me one whole day if full plate. but normally i share with my colleague whenever i eat that..

  8. oh the fried food look delicious!


Thank you, readers!

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