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My Morning Diary

I JUST WOKE UP... it is 9.30am now... the sky is clear and the sun is shining brightly, just like song Beautiful Sunday. I stretched my body, the bones creaked, oh my.... sounds sort of rusty....
A short prayer was said to God, thanking Him again for another wonderful day, though bones creak, they are still intact and I am well and kicking, right?

Many of us take for granted that it is just another day but for the old and sick, another new day is very precious to them. Time matters .....

I am going to the General Hospital again around noon, not just to visit my auntie but also my best colleague/buddy, Lynn..... She sms-ed me to say she is admitted because of her morning sickness that caused the dehydration. Her first pregnancy is really in a turmoil, she couldn't even get up to work. I hope it will just last for a few days and she will be back to her normal self again.... we miss her ....


  1. good luck and GOD bless to your loved ones!!!!

  2. pray for their speedy recovery ...

  3. thank you very much, frens.. God bless u all too..

  4. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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