Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thank you, Cathy

Though I blog a lot each day, there are many gadgets in the computer that I don't really know how to use.... such as... ... a simple thing like resizing my picture to 125 x 125 pixels. As we all know, Entrecard requires us to have that size to upload our picture and I, being me, have tried numerous times to do it but still to no avail... *shy to say also*

Finally I got it done today.... not by my own effort but by my kind blogger friend here, Cathy Hawkins. She is very creative in her template designs and she is so friendly and helpful.... You can see for yourself when you go to her blog.

As for me, my entrecard has my picture on it now.... Cathy, one more favor, can u help me to change my picture whenever I feel like it??? (give me an inch, i ask for a foot :)


  1. thanks for sharing cathy's blog.

  2. dats great! u learn a lot on IT stuffs since you started blogging!

  3. haha.. i m trying.. learning new things as i go along.. just give me more time..

  4. Sure can! Just pop me an email and when I'm free, be glad to do it for you Girl.

    Have a great week!

    THanks for the post, so kind of you.

  5. yeah Cathy is gifted..she's very good designer. Don't worry sooner or later you will some of those simple things.


Thank you, readers!

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