Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ang Mo Kiu Special

Just now as I was browsing through my holiday photos in Singapore, I couldn't resist swallowing my saliva when I saw this "one ton mee" and the bowl of fruit ice kacang....
I know I m being "cruel" but I just got to share this here in my blog...
I know I won't be going to Singapore for a long time yet....
So... let me share my taste of this Singapore special Wan Ton Mee....

different from IPOH
this one has spicy taste...
Ang Mo Kui food court

followed by this special fruit ice....
perfect for lunch!


  1. Just following you and reading ur blog.

    I tried to join about santa whatever :-) but the CP here can't open the file. (bad):-(

    Take care..

    These pics you shouldn't miss to blog:-)

  2. haha...it is ok veta.. just for fun only..it is a paid post.. just advertising for them..

  3. wah the char siew looks so nice...

    the ice fruit thingy even got strawberry... so romantic... ^^

  4. OMG~~
    taste good lar!
    --HUNGRY NOW--

  5. you are making me hungry instead.
    i haven't been to the ang mo kio stall. the mee looks springy and nice. *slurp*

  6. msity, since u r in angmokiu.. do try it out..it is very spongy..i love the crispiness of the noodles, if u know what i mean..its not the soft and soggy type..my sg fren eats there during weekends and he orders a supersize.. they call him superman, he said.. always eat super size plate..haha

  7. I still prefers the Msian wan tan mee...however, the dessert in SG is great....they add a lot of stuffs !

  8. aiks...ang mo kio is where my cousin once lived. been there several times but was so long ago. i once loved to have their porridge with chili sauce, if they still do sell it there.

  9. hmm.... yummy... is that the same as ifumie?

  10. Hi Reanaclaire, you drooling? What about me looking at it? Ha ha.
    Anyway, here's wishing you and all at home a merry Christmas and a happy holidays, best regards, Lee.


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