Monday, December 22, 2008

Superb Games In Badminton Super Series


Today or should I say yesterday, it was a very (3x) exciting afternoon for me...and for the rest of the badminton fans in Malaysia, I guess....
For the first time, Malaysia managed to snitch three championship trophies in a row.... Oh, by the way, I am talking about the Super Series Badminton held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah....

I was glued to my sofa for few hours continously... (exaggerating a bit la)
First match was Lee Chong Wei... won Peter Gade... straight sets... (wa
Second match were Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong against the Korean pair... (smashing!)
Third match were ladies' doubles Pei Ty and Ee Hui against Indonesia pair ... (GREAT!)
All straight sets leh...

They were so "geng" this time.... maybe it was our homeground? No la.. I think they played perfectly well today.... home ground actually more pressured, don't you think so? How do they tackle the mental stress, I wonder, so noisy with all the wooo wooo....waaaa waaa.. haiyoh, they don't shiver meh? Geng, very geng....

Oh, why am I so excited about that???? Crazy or not, I am going to watch the repeats again in Astro 816 this evening.. again and again if time permits....

By the way, got free holiday for us or not???? Dream first.. *yawn*


  1. same here!!
    i just finish the final AGAIN in 816~~

    is 1 smth in the morning!!


  2. thank you Chubs.. they were superb yesterday.. thanks to China team too..haha..if they were around, Malaysia might not be winning all three matches..

  3. ya, you're right if China were here,it wouldnt be so easy for us. but seriously i am impressed with our man and lady doubles .

  4. because the chinese players not around mah , they roared..else, they tikus again.
    If Lin Dan is here, LCW won't be so garang.

  5. haha..chris..all also said the same cham.. but i think our doubles men got chance la.. china team not so kuat in their men doubles right?

  6. I m not from Ipoh. But I like Ipoh very much! Lots of nice food and places...

  7. I watched the Super Series Master Finals as well. Peter Gade don't play like he used to be in his 20s. I saw him play during that time. He was fast and powerful smash.

    I think Lin Dan will still be Lee Chong Wei bogeyman for a long time.

    Good to see our pairs doing well

  8. I guess you are a badminton fanatic fan....But congratulation for all the geng...Do you play badminton too? I love badminton. I learn badminton from HERE and HERE.

    Happy blogging,

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