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Busy Afternoon

Had a very busy day especially in the afternoon.. hospital and the bank made me fumed....

2pm - Went hospital with Andy to get the Xray problem with that but the doctor would only be around at 3.30pm to sign the report... sigh...

3pm - So instead of wasting time there, we went to bank to open account first...

3.20pm - Bank Officer checked through our application form for savings account... (he was using a ruler to check through line by line... (I felt like snatching the pen from him and asked him to hurry up!)

3.40 - My patience is up... I left Andy at the bank, I proceeded to the hospital to take the Xray report from the doc..
4pm - Went back to bank to fetch Andy BUT officer still not finished with Andy's account yet! WHAT THE....H@#$% WAS THE OFFICER DOING??? STILL CANNOT GET IT DONE YET? AHHHHHHHH.....

4pm - I left Andy there,told him to walk back, I drove to fetch Fernie from school...

4.15pm - Took her to the dentist for follow up with her braces

5pm - Reached home...finally.. at last....

But tomorrow I have to answer to my boss... where was I the whole afternoon?? Better give her my blog URL...hope she understands how busy I was :((


  1. wa whichbank Next time never go there again =.=

  2. cannot give url.
    next time cannot blog freely liao. ;P

    *hops away*

  3. which bank? tip? the one which always keep merging with others.. sigh.. i was thinking.. if there were 1 or 2 more after me, i guess he has to do until 5pm? 6pm? my gosh..

  4. wat's with the X-ray? what's wrong? the officer must be in 'holiday mood'

  5. X ray is for the normal medical check up for the University's record... after xray, the doc need to sign.. that is the problem.. so an hour for him to come back..

  6. count yourself lucky you dun need to go to government service dept to get any tasks done. those are even worse, i tell you!

    but well, that bank officer definitely need a wallop.

  7. Hi Claire, i wanted to leave a comments to one of your blog: My desire but it doesn't let me go i think the verification. But anyway the food you post it taste really good. You make me hungry. I follow your blog dear.

  8. yeah, banks makes me go *urgh* also, so SLOOOWWwww... like as if they're SOOO busy?? dunno what's wrong wif them... too busy counting $$$ to layan us, hahaha =P

    Happy CNY, by the way, hope ur kids receive tons of angpaus this year =D happy kids = happy mom, haha

  9. This is what they call "service" in Msia. The hospital own by government wan?

  10. only certain banks, only certain staff i believe.. really testing our patience... how much I can bear.. haha..persevere...
    no, it is not govt hospital, a private one.. but the x ray doc was out at that time and only back at 3.30.. wrong timing for me..

  11. LOL!!! I thought it was so funny that you would think of snatching the pen from the bank officer! HAHAHAHA!!!

  12. Hi Claire!

    On trying times such as this, we really need to stretch our patience a bit more.

    I am impatient too, on those kind of people. And who won't? (LOL)

  13. Hi! It's one of those days when things don't seem right. Cheers! It doesn't happen everyday!

  14. haha... at that moment only.. cos i hv few errands to run.. running against time..otherwise, i would sit there and observe how he does things.. haha...

  15. give me your boss' number, i will tell her that you were telling nothing but the truth, and the verdict is, you shall be given another off day to go to the bank and snatch away the bank officer's ruler.....

    let me guess, the bank must be CIMB or Maybank, it cant be Public Bank

  16. all the banks are merging with another.....i hope its not rhb...hehehehe


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