Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chicken Rice Shop In Theatre Street IPOH

My colleague Lynn is 4 months pregnant... congratulations to her! She has lost 8 kilograms during the first 3 months of her pregnancy. Now as she is in her 4th, she vowed to gain back the lost weight... GOOD FOR HER..... BAD FOR ME....

Why? She can afford to gain, I cannot.... but then, pregnant ladies always have the first priority, when they want to eat, they must eat.... the others are secondary, either they follow or they back out.... but me being me, I WILL FOLLOW YOU....

she wanted chicken rice at lunch time...
3+1=4 of us went...

her favourite side dish
achar (pickled mixed vegetables)

sambal petai - spicy bad smell beans
( translation)

a plate of chicken rice

there she is... so happy now...
for the sake of her baby,
we the "godmothers" must give way...


  1. Thank you Tham, to take k of my wife....Xie Xie

  2. hehe..anytime.. your wife is part of our responsibility.. haha.. as long as she is eating good, we will take her where she wants to go...

  3. please say congrate from me to your friend, will ya?

  4. yuuuumyyyyyyy....yummy

  5. Hi Reana, wow! Love those dishes....
    Ipoh has very good eating shops. Back in the early 70's I stayed a year in Ipoh, Canning Gardens...being a bachelor, went out nights, if I'm not travelling....
    chari makan at the various foodcourts...
    My favorite was that nga choy and chicken dish.

    And the dim sum at Foo Choo Chun street. Or curry laksa at Brewster road.

    Had 'chup fun' near the Rex cinema when we balek kampong in '96.
    Reana, drink lots of Chinese green'll help in weight control, ha ha. Lee.

  6. one plate of rice is never enuff for me....hehehehe. anyways... may the year of the ox gives you and your family more zest and ummph, much prosperity and good health. cheers and god bless.

  7. one small plate of rice is always enough, calvin..haha...we eat more meat than it goes back to square one..
    have a blessed chinese new year!

  8. funny post uve got here. haha like yr style of writing. btw the petai... yummy! :)

  9. thanks quachee.. me ting ting mum.. speaks from my mind..
    anyway, life is precious...always look on the brighter side and not to stress up so much..


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