Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year in IPOH

ON THE VERY FIRST MORNING of CNY, we went over to mama's place to give our greetings, "gong xi gong xi, sun leen fai lok, sun tai keen hong" ... (wishing you happiness and good health)

After which, the best time for the kids were the receiving of ang paus....from the parents, aunties and uncles...

presenting of ang pow to Daniel
from sister, Amy..

Daniel scratching his head
thinking of what to say..
before he could receive his ang pow

andy already succeeded in receiving..

AA in full smiles...

mama and her grandkids..

mama and her beautiful kids...


  1. nice, still got the tradition to receive the ang family dun have ad...just gathered for lunch during the first day...then the elders just distributing the ang pows to the kids while they are eating or playing tradition like the elders sitting down then the young ones wishing the elders nice words and getting the ang pows...hehe...

  2. yeah, it is fun for everyhone of us, receiving blessings from our children.. memorable... not every family follows.. haha..just me and my siblings..

  3. what a lovely family pictures Claire...i really ove the bonding you are like FILIPINOs family oriented....happy new year

  4. Hahaha! Gong Hei Fatt ChoY~~ LOL.. yeah, agree with Gabriel also. Seldom see this tradition ady.. Mine also pupus liao. hahah.. Keep it up! AHahah.. Wish you a prosperous, healthy, wondrous, amazing, lucky, better, prettier, happier and fruitful year! Ahaha..

  5. thank you amy and wensher.. actually we never practised this.. but it is good to instill our kids with this instead of just receiving the ang pau with a word of thanks...

  6. Thanks for sharing your traditions-- it's kind of same like what we did here in Japan.It's nice to know for some other traditions and culture. Great to be here! Happy Chinese New Year!!

  7. wow, thats one nice moment captured. my family also got this tradition for granny and parents :)


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