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Dad At 13....

Have anyone read about Alfie Patten? He is 13 years old with a baby-looked face, from his picture he looks like 8 years old but he just become a father few days ago....his girlfriend who is 15, gave birth to a 7lb baby girl. From the video, they are so innocent looking, I guess they still are.... pitiful but true....

I hope the authorities can help them financially to bring their kid up... they are still so young and ignorant of the consequence that is going to loom upon them....

I have 3 teenagers myself.. I always used to tell them that no matter what happens, I will be there to support them, morally or financially, just don't do anything crazy, anything can be solved... but it is indeed scary to become a father during this prime age....

What do u think?


  1. eerrr.... dat's the headache we parents have to go thru eh? how in da world are we suppose to really educate them in this issue when hormones rules? i dunno ler.. so many aspect to think in this matter..

  2. yeah... all these are part of the parents' fault.. the upbringing and exposure to pornography can lead to curiousity...

  3. teenagers nowadays...*sigh* so sad...

  4. what happen to the world nowadays... *sigh*

  5. i read somewhere today in the chinese daily that this 13 years old boy was not the culprit, he was made a scapegoat by his friends...

    ai you, i guess i will have to start watching porn with my eldest boy who is going to be 13 years old next year hahahahah

  6. things are getting out of hand nowadays. Most of the teens (especially big cities like SG and KL) thought it's ok and trendy to have sex. Their raging hormones needed to be controlled.lately there are reports of underage having sex and also between teacher and pupil in Spore.

  7. I read the updates that they are two boys claiming that they are the father of the baby and not the young

  8. mmm it is a society problem liao

  9. my goodness! how early do they start doing it these days? it is scary!


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