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Depressed leads to Depression?

Something disturbing woke me up this morning, was not a burglar.... I got up and looked at the time, it was only 4am.. gosh.. isn't this the best time to be dreaming away? Why is my mind so alert? I lie down again, tossed and turned like fish... cannot...sleep did not come. Got up, went out to online, checked some websites and one hour later, my mind was satisfied... sleep came after that...

As I was tossing like a "fish" in bed then, it came to my mind, now I understand why people can get depression. Their minds are not at rest, their problems keep haunting them in their minds, they are disturbed.... The feeling is like, another person is talking to you in your mind... you are like arguing with this unknown person... (all in the mind..mind...mind)

Well, that was how I felt this 4am... the mind is not at peace... that is very bad... I need to do something about that.... I should not be self-focusing and self-centred... it is too tiring...

this looks like me... at my office table now...
SNIP...(sleeping Not in peace)


  1. That can leads to depression id you are troubled but it's actually the 'chatterbox' in your mind. Maybe you are very active before sleeping time. All you need to do is just STOP thinking and rest. It helps if you listen to some soothing music at low volume and set to sleep mode, in case you fall aslseep after that. Do some physical exercise may help.

  2. well, i really think it is normal to get tensed up and depressed, but at the end of it,we must be quick to come out of it, otherwise it would be detrimental and sometimes lethal to us.

    Claire, i totally agree with Chrisau, please go for more badminton sessions, and learn from me, take a beer or two once in awhile,,it helps hahahahahah

  3. hey, chill chill :D dun so stressed. get a bit of chocolate can ease stress. Talk to someone :D You might feel better :D Take care.

  4. thanks chris..i guess lack of exercise.. i forgotten all about that.. no la..i get more depressed.. dont like the taste.. perhaps drink some "tongkwai" instead.. at least poe the tired brain..
    wensher, thanks for coming by, girl.. yeah, aunty will hv to take care..old age coming.. no wonder they say old ppl cannot sleep much..

  5. Haha... old age?! Then it could be menopause!
    If you are "arguing with an unknown", you say "In the Name of Jesus, I command you to leave me. You have no place in my life". Otherwise, say a prayer! It works all the time for me.
    Take care... blessing from Miri!

  6. watever u do.. do not count sheeps or lambs.. u'll go bonkers i tell you! :)

  7. Yes, you are correct. But, we need to overcome this...

  8. hmmm maybe that's the reason ..why i cant sleep

  9. oh...i am feeling the same mind is not at peace...i have so mny problems bearing ryt now....bu t i hve to forget such things nd think hope...only HOPE!!! God bless!!!

  10. thanks william..i almost forgot about that..Yes, In Jesus Name.. let it be right..
    Merryn, Little Lamb, Jarlin and Jes.. thanks for sharing.. it is comforting to know that u all understand..

    On and off, i experience sleepless nights.. ok exercise more and let not worries overcome me..


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