Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How I wish... He Is Back...

Oh yes, before I forget, I wanna relate what I dreamt about last night...

When I switched off the lights, it was almost midnight and I remember tossing here and there like "frying fish" , listening to the light snores from my girl beside me.

Ok, back to my dream, yes...... I dreamt of him last night, Him is my husband... I cannot remember when was the last time he came into my dream, must be pretty long ago, months perhaps... anyway, short memory I have now..

To continue, I remember feeling very relief to see him in the house but in the dream, it was not the house I am staying now.. Funny... anyway, I was telling him about the roof which needed repairing, he looked up and said it was not necessary..(did i imagine he said that or what).. he was smiling and I was so happy that he was home with my us once again...

Suddenly, I was looking for a potty for my girl...but hey, my girl is 15 now but in my dream, she was only a come?? I was taking a potty for her to do her stuff....OH GOSH!..It was like twilight zone....

Now when I think of it, how I wish, yes.. how I wish time could be reversed...

We were a complete family then... how I wish we could be together again... but now only memories remain...and they will continue to remain in our hearts for as long as we can remember..

God Bless you, my dearest..


  1. oh reanaclaire.. what do i say.. to make u feel better?

    i'm not too sure what happened to ur hubs but what DO i say?

    i can just wish u all the best and may u have the sweetest dream in ur sleep as well as when u are awake.. cheers.. :)

  2. Hey reanaclaire, I am so sorry to hear about that. I guess that must be pretty tough for you!

    All I want to say is you're a great mom! Cheer up k?

  3. though it was just a dream, it feels so real even when i m awaken..
    i m alright.. all these years have taken its toil.. just want to write it down so that i can remember it when i grow much much older.. :)

  4. As i am new to your blog I am not sure what happened but I can understand how you feel.

  5. I know how it feels...I also dream of my late father and that was the only time that we are complete---totally the same!Well,I guess he's watching us from above just like your loving husband watching you and the family.
    God bless!

  6. it doesnt matter claire,if the dreams bring you happiness, it will be so lovely,,

    ha,, i wish i could dream of my first girl friend tonite and the crazy things we did back then,,,hahahaha wishful thinking

  7. mmm I really dont know what to say...

    Take it easy....

    Take care!

  8. Let it out, it makes us release things of the past and grow into the future, stronger and better.

    Will check out my award soon :P

  9. Know exactly how you feel...
    Take care Claire and God bless you & family. KG

  10. thanks KG.. i guess u know better.. but life is life.. it is precious.. we have to do our part and our responsibilities, at the same time, if possible, make ourselves happy..

  11. Actually I do dream of him too very long ago( I think I got told u). yeah, I also miss him. Anyway, you are doing very well holding up the family and I'm sure you will meet him again someday at a beautiful place.

  12. it's nice to dream of loved ones now and then. precious moments eh? i can understand. keep these treasures in a special box in your heart. ;)

  13. thank you chris.. it is through encouragement that we need most times in life..then only we find ourselves motivated to go on and on and on...

  14. I've always admired the strength and courage of single mothers. I think you're doing an awesome job and you're an inspiration. =)

  15. thank you Yanz.. all grace comes from God... He is helping us all along the way... all glory and honour goes to Him..

  16. oh my...i feel so sad...yeah, indeed only memories remain.

  17. claire..sleep more.. dream more.. ;)

    Until later, you will meet him up there :)

  18. yeah..everynite also dream one.. mind just wont rest...if one nite i dont dream that means something wrong..


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