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The Mystery Of The Missingsss..

TONIGHT ... tonight my mind went blank... I cannot think of anything to write and yet I am writing now... makes sense?? Ok, just wanna say this before I knock off...

This morning when I checked into my blog, I was shocked to see that my followers have reduced from 57 to 45... how did it happen? Last night it was still 57 when I went to sleep... did a dozen followers of my blog really disappear at one go? lol... I HOPE NOT...

Either something wrong with the system or something wrong with ME.... scaring all my regulars away...

Already my rank has dropped from 2 to 0, wonder why too..... and now the mystery of the missing followers....

Can anyone help me to retrieve all my losses? Firstly, I lost some hard-earned money, then my favourite sandal, followed by my daschund, Jingle Bell, then my Perak ex Chief Minister, my PR and now my 12 followers..... what else have I miss out?

Thank goodness, above all these, my sanity is still intact.... right? yeah? huh?? HELLO?????


  1. Gosh, everything seems to be dropping except the prices of goods!!

    Your experience is really creepy. A drop in FOLLOWERS? Never heard of.

    Hope u get your PR and your followers back....

  2. dont worry... something is wrong with blogger's system, u are not the 1st.

  3. Hi dear, can always call me when you need a friend. Loo

  4. I love how you turned these sad experiences into a humorous post (you have to admit the ending IS funny).

    By the way, I am sure it's a glitch in Blogger's system.

  5. Hi Claire,
    Hmmm that strange because it happened to me too ! I lost at least 3 only of my followers in just overnight. I wonder you think there is a glitch in the system ? Oh well, I don't know !

  6. WOW..OK..okay..thanks a lot, frens.. i guess it must be the system then..not something wrong with my crazie bloggie, i guess.. haha.. ok, hope the "lost" will turn out to be something "found" later..

  7. I think most of us experiencing the same thing

  8. my friends at blogoshpere experienced the same thing.Just checking if my name is not gone on your followers lists.I'm glad it wasn't gone!^_^

  9. Dont worry,i am not lost in your follower list, and i will keep following your blog.

    by the way, Greg suffered the same fate too, as i read in his blog, and my also lost one follower,,,

    never mind la Claire, they will be like the prodigal son, when they come back, they will make you feel proud.

    just hang in there, and my sicere acknoledgement is that you ar really good, keep writing. in fact you are those tiny few who update their blog almost every single day.

    it will always be like something is missing in me if i dont come to visit your blog on a daily basis.

    take care now

  10. haha..thanks eugene..tat makes my day.. no lar, it is not the follwers fault, most prob the system.. anyway, i m grateful to all of you all who come by.. follower or not, i m still thankful to all, not necessary to click being a follower.. i am also not following every blogger.. haha..
    happy blogging, bloggers!!

  11. they do the update on followers. some users no longer exists. so they are taken out at the update.

  12. drop in followers must be a glitch.. but drop in PR definitely we know is GG


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