Saturday, February 14, 2009

New York Restaurants

Ever heard of this saying "Have Food Will Travel?" For food lovers, this is a pretty common statement, in fact, in a survey recently, the most popular documentary clips ever viewed is in the food category. Those who really love to travel where food is concerned, well, you can log into this website whereby there are numerous reviews that you can read and "savor"their delicious photos of sumptuous food.

Wherever you are now and whichever restaurant you want to browse through, you can do all that in the Restaurant Review section at this website. For anyone of you aiming for New York Restaurants, here are a selective few that have won the hearts of many with their yummy and delicious meals, namely Il Mulino, (italian style), 21 Club with their magnificent wine cellar and private dining room and Union Square Cafe, famously known for their great chefs in great combination tastes of flavors.

For more information on more categories, you can log in to The Village Voice, the nation first and largest alternatively newsweekly, reporting without fear or favor for decades.

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  1. while staying in new york, i did not eat out much. so i wouldn't know the best places there. :(


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