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No Birthday Suit, Please.. I m Malaysian..

This morning Andy drove me to work for a change... we were listening to the light n easy radio and the news came on..the word "scandal" and "Eli Wong" caught his ear attention, immediately he asked me what was going on in Malaysia. (boy very backdated la) Then I told him briefly... my version...ok?

Single lady politician wearing birthday suit to sleep is considered immoral...

Her photos snapped without her permission by her ex-boyfriend

Now pictures were being circulated

Finally, she was asked to step down by opposition parties

But she stood by her dignity and principle, she didn't do anything wrong...

Anyway, she offered to step down ... not because she is forced to do so but for the sake of her party...

Kudos to her... May justice and truth prevail ...

Now after this incident, we ladies now must be careful wo... here are some suggestions to avoid so-called "scandal"....

WE, men or ladies alike, must sleep with pajamas... (one man suggested wearing a tie too, just in case his shirt and trousers came off without his knowledge......)

BUT if we still cannot kick our habit of sleeping naked, (to be totally safe), put on a MASK before going to sleep... (batman, superman, spider-man, u name it, u wear it lah... just in case ma... no one will now it is u when your pic is snapped...)

Lastly and not least, be careful of your own bathroom too....

To avoid being accused of being "immoral" for bathing naked, do wrap yourself with a sarong or a towel EVEN WHEN you are bathing....

One never know, there might be hidden cameras in your bathroom as well....

aiyoh... seems no where is safe anymore.. no one can save us....we must be extra careful leh...

But when you are blackmailed or being caught for being immoral, one last resort... say this...



  1. Why politicians are so hard just to be the real themself?

  2. haha.. its halloween every night loh?

  3. hehehe... yeah hor.. never tot of that also.. hak sei kat lei.. yr sleeping partner has to get used to yr changing masks each nite.. haha..

  4. she wasn't wearing a birthday suit la... she as semi-naked only. Some parts of her body was exposed, and that idiot man took a photo of that naked part and somehow, the media got hold of the photos. The media...well, they need money to survive, let the whole world know about it.

    So, in Malaysia, if you want to get people in deep shit, just expose their private lives and accuse them of being IMMORAL!!!

  5. *sigh* thank god I'm not a politician and not planning to be one, because I love to sleep naked! Saves me time for a lot of thing, Claire... lol...

  6. Ever noticed that there was only ONE hamkaling (BUTTOCK-face) who was jumping up and down in joy asking for her resignation while the rest actually conveyed their sympathies even tho' they are from the opposing camp? Hmmm..suspicious leh this fler?

  7. Poorr...thing! Gush...sleeping naked??? Hahhaha...

    But taking bath with sarong is a bit on our own shower... lol...

    BTW bcarefull.. to those who still on 'bf and gf' status la...

  8. reminds me of a song "It wasn't me"....nice suggestions Miss Claire huh-)

  9. no more safe place, not even your own house.

    technology has it's good and bad side ...

  10. do you still remember this
    "correct correct correct, he look like me, sound like me, but he is not Me!"

    i Dont know why government hav very slow act to their own people like MR Correct? But, the others opposition party ... act like wind!

    me, politic in malaysia is not fair at all.

  11. hahah i like the idea of wearing a mask to sleep... suddenly remember the movie, The Mask! haha...

    i like ur last sentence.. sounds so like another politician hehe...

  12. My take is Eli's is really nothing, compared to those bastard politicians who bulldoze people's money million upon million away in their corrupt pratice.

    If i were to be a Politician in Malaysia, i would declare my sexual preference and make my sexuality known to public before i take office, after all i am only human, and sex is just another part of being human

  13. That doesn't seem fair, you know. Everybody sleeps in the nude at some point of their lives...I think.

  14. I love the way u express things in this post... could not stop laughing... but hey, point taken... very wise

  15. yay, that's very very weird... the guy who took the photos should be sued for encroachment of privacy or libel, or whatever is applicable...


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