Monday, March 2, 2009

Delicious Food From Penang

While I was in the Free School Garden stalls, Terengganu Street, I could not resist ordering these... something I cannot get in IPOH, especially the grilled fish wrapped with aluminium foil. This stall is special, they cook everything in aluminium foil, chicken, sotong (squids), fish, vegetables and some other stuff which I cannot remember... (dare not take photos.. perhaps next time will ask permission first)

this "lala" sauce was very special..
I love the way they cook it..
cheap too, only RM5

ah...this is the fish I was talking about..
"bawal emas" (golden fish)
with the gravy, not so spicy too

just nice for me.. I cant take too "hot stuff"
the fish was with the ladies fingers on a banana leaf
to add to the aroma of the taste...
Cost :RM21.00

btw, this was my lunch (the next day)
Ah Leng's famous fried koay teow


  1. Claire!!! I envy u!!! so yummy owh!!! I want to got to Penang too!!!

  2. Yesh... everytime i back from Penang... 5kg extra in my tummy i bring back to k k.

  3. yeah..penang is a food paradise besides the beach.. there are many more outlets selling authentic food stuff.. oh gosh, dont remind me, i also hv gained a lot.. always eat, eat and eat..

  4. hello dear :-, here drooling with these foods especially the koay teow and the fish :-(

  5. whooo! these looks yummy! I love seafoods! great photos, maybe you can share recipes. thanks

  6. really looks yummy c: what sauce do they put on the shells ? c:

  7. Lala is HEAVENLY!

  8. I have tried your lunch many times... I love it... :-)



  9. yeah..i miss the lala too.. the sauce was very nice.. sweet but not the tomato taste.. i wonder what they put.. love eating that..

  10. I have yet to try out this place...went there once for dinner but the place was closed at night.

    The fish and lala looks good...thanks for sharing.

  11. Hmm..yummy yummi. From the pict, I know it has a fantastic taste

  12. wah...RM 5 for the lala...super cheap leh!

  13. yeah..though not much but 5rm is great! haha.. must go back and try the crabs and other shell food..

  14. wwwaahh!!mouth watering foods!!!Claire,you're teasing me!!\(^0^)/

  15. Ummmm all those yummy food makes me hungry already, Really like your photo skills, sure is much better than mine.

    I compiled Penang Tourism Guide recently. Please visit and have some comments .. Hopefully I will visit Penang soon :)



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