Monday, March 16, 2009

The So Called Democratic Tree

Ask any Perakian and they will tell you that this tree has indeed become famous... it is the rain tree situated 200 metres away from the State Secretariate building where the State Assembly men had a meeting under this tree ... instantly this tree has become history...

Being a Ipohian, I could not resist going to that place to snap a few pictures... just in case one day it might vanish...and true enough, it has gone....

the infamous rain tree where
the state assembly men shouted "Setuju"

this was the plaque put up by the PKR
but unfortunately it was damaged
by dont-know-who

the broken plaque

nevertheless this is called
Democratic Tree
regardless broken or not..

I love reading Anilnetto's blog.... all that is left is a hole now....


  1. Hi ReanaClaire,

    Where is this tree at in Ipoh? Hopefully I can take a peek in June. :)


  2. Hope the tree don't get chopped down one day

  3. This tree is in Ipoh Raya, just opposite the State Secretariate Building along Jalan Istana, IPOH.. near Bukit Gantang School...or behind Yuk Choy school..

  4. Wow, never knew there was this tree.. Thanks for telling. ahaha... historical spot? ahaha..

  5. yeah..but i think sooner or later this tree will be cut down too.. no plaque no history..

  6. it is amazing that the authorities work at lightning speed to remove the plaque and citing all kinds of rules that the plaque has violated. can't they just drop the childish act and leave it alone? wonder why they took so long to remove other illegal banners/posters around the city eh?

  7. let's hope they won't cut the tree.

  8. Hi ReanaClaire!

    Dropping by to say thanks for visiting and leaving your comment in my blog :)

    I follow Anil's blog too and got to know about this Pokok Demokrasi from his blog.

    The plaque has been removed ya... some ppl are so 'shallow minded'. I won't be surprised if they cut the tree after this but it definitely won't 'cut' our spirits! :D

  9. Great thing you take a shot of it.. and lucky you still managed to see the other almost half plaque..

  10. Very sad to see our people are very aggressive and too much vandalism.

  11. even this tree, which has been there and gone unnoticed for so many decades, also not spared of the political turmoil... sigh....

  12. Hope Authority can do something about this tree..its look too old already..

  13. I saw in the papers yesterday the town council has removed the plaque and left a hole in the ground. Suddenly they are sooo efficient, hoh?!

  14. Hi Claire,

    I wonder how old is that tree now. Must be very old.
    It is sad to note that historical marker is already broken. Perhaps government officials can repair it, or perhaps change it into a more sturdy one.

    Thanks for sharing a piece of history about your place. I am learning a lot here :)

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