Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Drunken Or Dunkin' Donuts

EACH TIME WE PASS BY TAPAH, we will stop by to buy Dunkin' Donuts, I don't know why they never open a branch in IPOH, I am sure they will make good biz here as well. Tapah is a bit far, around 40 minutes drive from IPOH. So whenever we stop by the rest house, we will get a dozen of "nuts" back home.....

My kids love to eat them, of course that includes me too la.. especially when they are just freshly baked from the oven.

Dunkin' Donut in Tapah rest house

the place looks clean, right?

more varieties...

which to take ah....

chosen 9... still have 3 more to go...
to make it a dozen...


  1. aiyo..there are many in KL. very fattening lah. hmm....no donuts shop in ipoh? i think you and your kids would like J.Co or the Big Apple donuts. There's always a long queue at these stalls.

  2. erm....frankly sis, dunkin donuts are not good... You should try Big Apple or J Co... it's so much better!! I especially love Big Apple. Maybe I blog it someday.

  3. Huhu..I miss dunkin donuts..none in Sabah. We only hv Big Apple donuts & d local ones...Whnever I go to KL, like at least twice a year, I'll tapau DD back :) then ever1 wud knw tht I went to KL ;)

  4. yes.IPOH has big apple in Jaya Jusco.. which is better? for me, both are almost the same leh..

  5. man so many donuts all lined up prettily in rows... donuts are so exciting eh!

    i've never been to dunkin donuts but all jam filled donuts are totally yummy :]

  6. i notice many chocolate donuts! :)


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