Saturday, April 25, 2009

Farewell Lunch In Rainbow Restaurant

A farewell lunch for our May Tan aka Liangu who has taken an optional retirement and "plunged" herself to become one of those successful "silai businesswoman" in the market.
Actually this was a very belated farewell lunch, she has retired in March and due to her busyness, she could only make it yesterday.... (must make one month in advance appointment)

Oh, this time no food pictures for a change... (but honestly speaking, I forgotten all about taking the food pics cos we were too engrossed with the food..elderly ladies like us can walloped fast one, u know..)

come on, lets drink up.....

a bottle of wine to boost up...

All of us had a good time, drinking to happiness and good health.... most of our faces were red in colour.... "hey, make sure go back office, don't simply scold the boss ah... immediately can get 24 hours transfer out, u know???"

Before we left, we pledged that we will have a "ONCE-A-MONTH-LUNCH TOGETHER" and "YAM SING" again!


  1. You look so the daughter of one of the other ladies! Hehehehehehe!!!! Now I go Ipoh, you must belanja me makan big-time liao!

  2. Why she retirement so early?

    mmmm so good... i want to retirement early TOO!

  3. Must introduce Liangu to me ..I wanna learn to be successful ma-lat-lou businessman from her!

  4. wondering if you really go back office then scold boss.. that would be funny. but bad aftermath.. haha.

    wuah.. once a month meeting.. so semangat persahabatan lagi.. that's really good. hahaha..


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