Sunday, April 19, 2009

From my heart...

Sorry my dear bloggers... I know I have been doing a lot of paid posts lately and did not pay much attention to my fellow friends over here. From the deepest of my heart, I really do want to go visiting as many as I can and reading your posts but due to the busyness of my own personal stuff and limited time, I have slacked on my rounds since I came back from Shanghai.

Please forgive me ... as u all know, I love blogging, I love sharing what I have experienced .. most of all, I love having to friends regardless where they are.... and of course... I love making money too!

So.... I hope all of you will go on being my regular readers and vice versa... this is the only way we can connect to one another and to give each other support....

Terima kasih, sae sae, arigatok and A BIG THANK YOU!!


  1. hey, no need to say soli lah. we all understand. better go get some rest first. bloghopping can wait ;)

  2. thanks barbara.. i guess all of us are in the same shoes.. yeah, i better rest my weary bones and tired mind..

  3. Dun worry too much dear!Take your time and have a good rest first!
    Take good care ya!..^^..

  4. No prob Claire. I will always visit ur blog once got new updates.

  5. Dont worry..we understand too sometimes very busy with 'life' ...

  6. so long you enjoy blogging,that's how long i will keep coming back to check you out.

    If blogging is your passion,then coming here would be relaxation,,

    take care now,rest if you must,but must not stop,hhahahahah

  7. I think you are better than me....

  8. ohhh...that is okay Claire, we are just here for you....doing our rounds...glad you are back safely


Thank you, readers!

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