Friday, April 17, 2009

Nanjing Tour And The Guide

In Nanjing, we visited the Memorial Hall of Nanjing Massacre, it was quite a sombre place, no photos were allowed so I didnt take any... we were taken into the hall where they exhibited the place where 10,000 people were killed during the WW2.... We were not allowed to laugh or make noise, out of respect for the dead... it was quite an eerie feeling when I was inside....

this is the Nanjing bridge
where a lot of people died
when it was built during Mao Si Tung's time

my empat sekawan...

the thorn among the roses...

this is the Nanjing tour guide..
handsome hor?

City Wall of Nanjing

lunchie time ....
simple dishes and yet appetising...

we were always fed with eggs and more eggs daily... perhaps the reason is to give us more protein so that we have the energy and strength to walk and walk......


  1. Hahahahaha!!! The mata really sepet! LOL!!!

  2. ah, i agree with STP. Your guide's eyes are really sepet...LOL!

    In the last pic, what are those curly-curly things that looks like cacing?

  3. NIce sad some place cannot take (I hate to go to a place where we are not allowed to take a photo.. ;-p)

  4. nice view and nice food too! the food nampak sedap.


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