Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh My Goodness, Wawasan Day!

Today is Wawasan day, the day when the government offers some millions of bonds to the public to invest as a Fixed Deposit kind of thingy, only difference is that the bonds are giving a 6-7% dividen yearly which is very much better than the banks which gives around 2-3% per annum.

So as expected, early early morning, even before the banks were to open, the public were already crowding at the entrance of these certain banks which are agents for the govt... (something like that la...)

I went to "survey" two banks, firstly the one just next to my office, the line was so long that the door has to be opened.... I gave up... thought it would be better to go to another bank near my house........ but.....

Worse! People were ramming near the counters in this bank, so much so, one bank officer had to come out to pacify the crowd and asking them to go home and come back after lunch cos they have issued out 200 numbers, meaning 200 people were in waiting to open the bonds accounts..

200 people, man! I noticed mostly elderly people, retirees, women more than men, I guess must be "Si-Lai-s"..... they have the time to queue and wait... hahahaha...

As for me and my son, after opening a normal savings account for him, we went home... peacefully...

No High Dividens... not for us, son.... some other time, perhaps....


  1. yeah, hubs tried to go to but was told everything was 'sold off' as early as 9-10am! crazy!

  2. so early? i tot it was around 12pm.. can smell a rat somewhere la... haha... so fast no more....

  3. long queue i won't have the stamina to queue. see doc after that not worth it.

  4. I also didn't get to buy leh... :(

  5. Wah!

    So fast finish liao!

    Never la.... keep the money for others purpose....

  6. aiyah, always said sold out, system hang etc etc eh la.....many2 years back also these type of reason! hi hi

  7. My wasasan purchase was a breeze, you must have connection ma,,,,hahahah

  8. uh.. I can't wait that long too.. I am not fond of waiting LOL

  9. i never trust asm or asw 2020. but what to do, these are two of the guaranteed funds supported by the govt that gives reasonable dividends. what they do with the money is never transparent. what to do??

  10. that was all the queing in the banks about..ppl want bz topping-up their Wawasan investment. hehe..i wasn't aware of Wawasan Day!


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