Sunday, April 19, 2009

She Works Hard For The Money...

I am in Penang now with my kids.... It is almost 1.30am now and I am still blogging away... The purpose of coming to Penang is to see the college which Andy has enrolled in. WE reached the place around lunch time and we were greeted by a staff upon entering. The Deputy Principal, Mr William was kind enough to brief us about the college and he even showed us around the college.

Well, I hope Andy will be pleased with his college where he will be spending his 4 1/2 years here. As long as he likes this place, his mum will also be happy..... With food and lodging plus course fees, it is a hefty sum of 80K or so....

That means..... *got to tighten up the belt*

Less holidays, lesser traveling...
More work, more blogging...


  1. He's lucky to have a mom like you, Claire. You're awesome.

  2. aiyoo yoo......I also want this mummy lah...

    To Claire's kids - hey guys and gal, u all got such a good mommy, must sayang dia banyak2 la.

    Claire, u r really a good mom.

  3. hey Claire, you can do it...Andy is indeed lucky...

  4. thanks girls... i really hope so without feeling the hunger in me.. haha... anyway, if everything goes well, we hope to get some loans from the govt meanwhile...

  5. really claire you are a good mommy.........and ofcourse anythign to blog some more..........LOL.

  6. oh..i was wondering what you are doing in a hotel. didn't you just come back from a holiday? hehehehehe. I am sure your son would love the college. create more blogs and do more paid posts...hehehehe.

  7. You are really a good mom Claire. Your son is lucky to have mom like you.
    Even you are alone in raising your children, you could still give the best for them.. I admire you a lot.
    keep it up. Hope this will give inspiration to other mom out there.

    Good luck for you son too in his studies.


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