Sunday, April 5, 2009

Su Shi King, Here We Come!

FERNIE said she wanted japanese food tonight and IPOH being Ipoh, the only Japanese outlet I am familiar with is Su See King..... so we proceeded to Jaya Jekco for our dinner... Andy was pak-torring somewhere in JJ, we hope we could bump into him while we were there... ok, story time later...

Now lets take a look at what both of us can eat, (one teenage girl and one old madam cum silai)

written here, new arrival....
so delicous looking
cannot resist not ordering...

while waiting, Fernie did her business first...

i sibuk sibuk looked around
to snap people
(without getting scolded)

ahhhh finally... these real ones came...
looked fattening, hor?
cheese on top... wow..

next all these maki maki..
tuna maki, chicken maki

open sesame maki maki

corn maki and egg maki...
(hope shu shee king won't sue me..) to eat all these ah..

never mind, I helped her..
while waiting for mine...

nah... this was mine...
set one... everything got...
I love it!
(pickles, salmon, prawns, pototoes, eggplant
oooh...where is the fish??)

while eating, Su-See King waiter came and apologised..
they left out the fish fritters...
never mind, I said and thank you very muchi...
arigatok-tok... shu shee king
very nice meal we had
and the cost? RM35/-


  1. hmm...i like yours. Sedap rasanya!

  2. Haha! Now m craving for sushi king!! I still hv my rm20 voucher to spend thr b4 expire owh!

  3. too much food i think for you Miss Claire. Can u give some to me???lol
    happy eating:-)

  4. daughter n mother time???
    why wanna bump into andy??? ehhehehe share ur mother views la..

    cos i remember when i park tor, i didnt want my parents to bump into us..ehehe

  5. that is a different story.. i tell u when im back from shanghai.. tomorrow i be leaving... i be missing ALL OF YOU!!

  6. meron pa ba? sarap siguro nyan

  7. hmm...looks yummy

    happy trip to you claire, and thanks for visiting my blog b4 leaving.
    When you come back don't forget to share pictures.

    thanks for visitng and commenting my blog again.

    god blss your trip

  8. I dun really like sushi king.... it's not very nice. anyway, u guys had a lot of fun with the meal.

  9. ooohhh...good of them to tell you about the missing fish!

    Sigh...Ipoh really no other Jap shop ya come to think of it! Greentown pun tadah meh?

  10. eh, what a coincidence... hubby & i went to sushi king recently for dinner, and i ordered the cheese sushi also...cos it looked SOOO good! but...sigh... disappointing tho' =/

  11. Wow!now it's sushi time!!yummy!!

  12. tasty! would like to try someday :)

  13. thisis the one hor! ok ah.... haha.... we both are 5800 lover haha


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