Monday, May 18, 2009

Belated Mother's Day In Weng Kee

Last night we went for a simple dinner to commemorate a belated Mother's Day... "We" , the three daughters and family took our mum to Weng Kee Restaurant, next to Scotch Pub in IPOH Garden South. When we arrived, we were the first customers being ushered in... good.. that means food would come fast....

First time coming to this place.... I heard it was a Hock Chew owner... no wonder... the food were a bit "uncommon" over here....

buttered fish...

crispy fried and a bit spicy...

like those buttered prawns recipe....

mui choy kau yuk
stewed pork with salted vegetables..

egglant, long beans stir-fried...

yam steamed with chicken...
i love this... appetitising...

stirred fry vegetables..

their speciality beancurd
made by the owner himself...
so he said la...

my cutie nephew "conquering" the foodies...

oh btw, the "jumlah" came to RM107 plus drinks for 9 of us... reasonable?


  1. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd dishes look so mouth watering!

  2. ok la....Rm107 cheap. Glad to see that 'tai yee' is well now. I will buy her dinner when i'm back.

  3. Wow .... so many dishes!! All looks so yummy!

    RM107 is super cheap leh :)

  4. i like the fish :D rm109 for 9 is very very cheap!!! :D

  5. hmmm....the food looks so yummy & it is cheap leh .....

  6. time i go back Ipoh must try this place. Wondering if my parents have ever eaten there...the stewed yam really looks good!

  7. Hmm... the steamed yam with chicken looked interesting wor! Very cheap dinner, i would say!

  8. Oh yaaa... I think for 9 person is reasonable...

    How's mom?? ^_^

  9. mama is better already. Thanks to all of u . She can go marketing already. That is one me her hobbies. Ha ha

  10. Oh wow, see you're a loving daughter... Yumyum!

  11. Very nice and delicious looking. Must go there when I am in Ipoh...

  12. I love the beancurd!!one of my fave,Claire!Happy Mother's Day to your Mom,Claire though it's late^_^

  13. wow...these food looks yummy, i am not hungry now, im not drooling because I just ate stir fried shrimp hahaha...

    thanks for posting...yum yum

  14. glad that ur mom is better now. the food r so tempting. mmmm n cheap too.

  15. Ooo..I miss Mui CHoy Kau Yuk so much. Ipoh, here I come in July!! I will stuff myself with food food and more food everyday!


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