Monday, May 11, 2009

Clap Clap!!...Now What?

"If I'm happy and I know it, I clap my hands... plak..plak......"

hehehe..huhuhu... hoooohoooooo

Do I sound crazy? Yes... crazy with awe and joy.....

Oh... on the other hand I must not be too happy now.. never know what is going to transpire out of this court news....

Another road block tomorrow? Taking a few hours to reach office again? For those who do not know what I am talking about, tune in to Anilnetto..... you will know why I sound "sengat" at this moment....


  1. hi, i dropped by again. lol. in fact i always did. erm, what's anilnetto?

  2. oh..i'm a bit blur too. but from the sounds of it and all that road blocks, must be the darn politicking right? all that unsettled stuff?

  3. "Be patient and you will finally win, for a soft tongue can break hard bones."

    Maybe your soft blog "tongue" may break some hard bones. :D

    Cheers! ;) Have a nice day, or is it night? Anyway, have a wonderful week then. Always enjoy your blog. ;)

  4. Hi Claire, I also blur leh. Apa binatang Anilnetto tu?

  5. hey.. Amy..Anilnetto is a great journalist.. he gives us the latest news of what's happening ...

  6. hahaha....sis, u really go thru a lot now with this perak issue. If reallly road block, then go and have nice breakfast and post it here lor

  7. call it a day off, haha.

    It is not your fault if these politicians are around,after all, who is he? lol

  8. Hi Reanaclaire, always good to be happy.
    Your smiles warms up everyone, your happiness brings smiles to us.
    Have a great day, Lee.

  9. hahaha....must have been a BAD road block! where was it?

  10. no no... today was okay, thank God... nothing like the other day when the state assembly was on... today so far, very peaceful and hope it stays that way... except for some FRU trucks and cannon water truck peacefully parked near the State secretariate, everything else is normal...

  11. There's nothing to clap anymore. Just go to work as usual and be happy that we've a job. :)

  12. yeah...back to square one.. next time will be smarter.. news can be changed anytime...


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