Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So Simple With Dr. Oetker Shaker

ONE, TWO AND THREE simple steps and you will get delicious "yummy" cupcakes for your love ones. How? Well, for people like me who love to eat but don't enjoy cooking them, let me share Dr. Oetker Shaker with you. With Dr. Oetker, you will find baking is so easy that even a kid will be able to do it. How do I know? No doubt I have not tried it yet but reading the website had me convinced.

According to their website, it says just add milk, or water then shake, shake, shake and pour! So easy, right? Well, thanks to Dr. Oetker, baking cupcakes, pancakes is no sweat at all....

Not only that, for those who loves nuts, the mixtures contain 0 trans fat, a source of fibre and Prebiotics, so don't worry, these are healthy food.

If my kids know about this easy way of baking cakes, I am sure they will pester me to bake for them this very weekend. I haven't been doing any baking for some time already because I really dread doing the washing up. But now after knowing about these easy steps, I do not mind trying this out. Just add milk, shake and bake and we get yummy muffins, how about that?

Oh, before I forget, Dr. Oetker is also offering us a chance to WIN a $1200 Visa Card for your next family fun weekend or 1of 10 Dr. Oetker Shaker fun packs which are valued at $30! Sounds great, right? Well, check this website out before it ends. You'll never know, you might be one of the lucky winners this weekend!


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