Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sun Mee Fong, Tanjung Tualang

Sunday outing to Tanjung Tualang with Bel, Tam, AA and yours truly....

Sorry Andy, after seeing u off at the bus station, we proceeded to Tanjung Tualang for lunch. Next time round, we will go together, ok?

Tanjung Tualang is famous for its fresh water prawns..... since we were not too hungry, we just ordered four dishes, no rice, no noodles... JUST THESE....

stir-fry big head prawns..
(tai tou har)

tai tou har means...
careless... (right?)

followed by steamed big headed prawns

quite "steamed" after eating these
cos of the wine effect...

salted egg soft crabs...

after eating these, more crappy talk

sambal belacan "paku pakis" vegetables...

not sure what these are called ...
entwining vegetables?

thai sweet coconut water...
not enough little...

wan tau long...
"jelly lemon drink"
(fainting drink)

"aahhhhh.... ngam....."
sorry for tempting...ah....

The food above caused me to be ..... "doubly careless", "drunk", "jelly legs" and "fainting spells" Price ? ONLY RM117.00! Expensive? Well, we are Tourists ma...

Shop Name : Sun Mee Fong, 21-23, Jalan Pasar, Tanjung Tualang....
And now I need to get some rest, very tired and sleepy..... zzzzzzzzzzz...zzzzz


  1. Wow! So many prawns! After stir-fried prawns eat steamed prawns. Yummy!! But RM117? Too expensive! : 0

  2. yeah... mouth-watering food... making me hungry.. again... nice pictures!!!

    Abiel Online
    Love Thoughts Love Lines...

  3. much prawns..seems nice. :P

  4. Really wan tau looking all those food, and the price! :D

  5. Yum! It looks magnificent.

    Thanks for stopping by my place.


  6. Yummy! I'm hungry ... drool drool :p

  7. NO RICE??? Ok understand...;-p

  8. Hi Reanaclaire, wow! Reading your Tanjung Tuallang outing sure brought back memories.
    I used to go those parts on business and will have those delicious fresh water prawns TT is famous for.
    Can see TT still have them presently.
    Love the dishes in your posting.

    I guess TT, Batu Gajah, Pantai Remis, Kampong Koh, and Sitiawan must have changed a lot since my last trip wayyyyy back in middle 70's, ha ha.
    You keep well, Lee.

  9. haa nice food!
    prawns!! lol =D

    Reply: famous? autograph? no la.. where got? lol..

  10. yeah..something like midin chye.. wildly grown i vege.. but overall, the dishes were expensive.. perhaps due to the fact many tourists are going there by loads of buses...

  11. hohoho.... makes me hungry....
    hi.. it's my first time here...and you have a great blog! see ya and I'll be back ^^

  12. eh.... this post looks like one of those in my blog. hahaha...
    The prawns look good but that's a lot of cholesterol!

  13. yeah..lots of protein too... better go for more exercise... after eating, one of my frens got rashes everywhere..but she said never mind, eat first, suffer later..

  14. Wow, I like the salted egg soft crabs. :)

  15. wow, i love the foods here..:)

  16. Wah, so many prawns. Hey I like that sambal paku-pakis.

  17. tajong tualang famous wif prawn?

  18. yummy Claire... i love shrimps..

  19. Next time go to Tong Lok, just further down the road, same row with Sun Mee Fong. Even better!

  20. Paiseh lah. I stay Ipoh since i was born until left KL for college and I'd never went to Tg Tualang despite hearing it all the time! Anyway, thanks to u, claire, I finally, ahem, see and not taste the prawns! Must make a mental note to go there when I go back to Ipoh on July. Take care. CY.

  21. andy go back so fast??? i thought u said he was on holiday or just back for the wekend?

  22. no la..little lamb..he has been away from home for 2 weeks only... and he misses home as i miss him too..
    oh btw, he is home again this week.. haiyah..

    cy, yes, do come to IPOH and savour all the food... hahaha..


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