Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wishing For A Beautiful Trip

When I was in Toronto for a month stay a couple of years ago in my friend's place, an idea came to my mind. Actually, not really an idea, it was more like a wish, a wish that I could migrate there with my kids. After two weeks or so, I really fell in love with the place, it was so peaceful and nice. The environment was clean, breathing in fresh air each morning and feeling so refreshed during that spring time. If not for my children, I would have stayed longer in Toronto, Ontario. When my kids saw the beautiful sceneries in my photos, they hoped that I could bring them there one day. Yes, dears, one day, maybe we will make a trip together.
Meanwhile, we can browse through this Ontario Cottages in this link. They have 500 over cottages for rental and so with many choices, I am sure we can find one suitable to our budget and taste, right? We never know, our wish might come true one day.....


  1. Dear, you should also go there in winter, before you decide. The white snow and minus (not sure how many degrees) will be sometime you have to bear with every year.
    Here in the tropics, it is summer all year round, with a sprinkle of wetness to spice it up.
    While you can still blog, what happens to your close friends and all the wonderful IPOH food.
    Also consider for your children's futures and careers. Asia is the driver of growth in the 21st Century, where all the opportunities will be.
    Also another issue, in North America, it is always US first then Canada. A little comment from SG.

  2. Thank you Loo for stopping by.. well, it is just a wish, a wish that might not materialize and a dream that might not come true... but i will never give up on these wishes and dreams...


Thank you, readers!

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