Friday, June 12, 2009

Hot, Hot, HOT!

It is burning hot again in IPOH... and it is going to last for 3 months? THREE MONTHS!

Any idea how to escape the hot, hot, hot?
Best time to go Camerons or Genting Highlands at this time....

Camerons for relaxation, peace and quiet....
Gentings for entertainment, theme parks and casiono...

Which one shall I choose?

aiyah...I better don't dream la...
stay home and eat more fruits la...
switch on the ceiling fan full blast
and enjoy the swirling heat for the weekend!


  1. No wonder so many people go to Cameron Highland... Tell me about it, KL is also hot...

    Drink more water, exercise and take more fruits ... let's cross our finger that this this hot and hazy weather will be off soon... :p

  2. Owww.... I just won't rain on august... let it be hot better go Cameron...hihihihi...

  3. fruits are good when its hot!

  4. yeah TZ, every now and then drink water like my Labby dog..plap..plap....plap..

    got air con, rachel but try to minimise on the current..expensive ma if on whole day...

    richard, cath J, Beng..thanks for coming by and yes, we r becoming hotstuff in hotspot soon.. hahaha..

  5. I love love love Cameron Highlands! And I love BOH tea!

  6. I love these fruits, and i miss the sweet mango.
    It's now getting hot here in sweden too.
    I bought water melon yesterday and it was so sweet, i like it

  7. hi Agnes, thanks for coming by.. u too, Weng.. i guess it is hot globally now?

  8. ya.. agree wif you.. the fruits looks yummy :) nyum nyum

  9. feel like eating something quenchy all the time... so fruits like water melon is one of the best... :)

  10. ohhhh... the fruits looks really fresh! ya man, malacca also damn hot. kl also damn hot. nasib go work office air cond full blast. haih... our earth gonna be more teruk soon. sigh.

  11. i dont really know why and what is happening.. but definitely it is much much hotter than my younger days...

  12. same like me, whole day dream about going Cameron or genting for the cold weather and stay there until all the heat is gone... but I also end up like you, drinking more water, fruit juices and take more fruits!

  13. wise people think alike ma... (hahaha...)


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