Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lan Je In Rawang

I know I might sound "cheapskate" a bit but I think road side stalls suit me better. Some stalls serve their own specialities and as for this Kedai Makanan Lan Je, it is famous for their talapia fish. According to my rawang fren, this owner has his own fish farm and he does his own special recipe on the talapia fish.

Nothing fishy going on...

so No Fishy Smell....
its texture is very fresh
just nicely cooked
and the sauce...is.... how to say...
u can actually drink it...(really one..)

this "sotong" is also their speciality
the sauce is very "tap pik"
(very appetising)

chicken balls
something different too...

crispy fresh "yau mak"

we ordered 3 plates of steamed fish...
one surely not enough..

1, 2, 3 fishes for 5 persons...

few minutes later...
only bones were left.. lol...

the crowd...
sometimes u need to stand around first
before u can get a table...
Price : RM80 for 5 pax
Kedai Makanan Lan Je
Rawang Main Road (the road leading to Batang Kali)


  1. haha.. after Ah Yat, still Lan Je is better rite.. same here.. I prefer to makan tepi jalan than in big hotels or restaurants..

    But 3 fish for 5 ppl.. you all are cats ah?

  2. not cheapskate. it's called good taste!
    i love fish but scared of the bones. :(

  3. cynthia, that place is famous for its fish ma..so have to order more otherwise will end up "fighting" for fish...

    chubs..sorry, these few days will be on food and more food...

    Misti, after that expensive night, we went broke..so better go for cheaper food..hahaa...

  4. o.O luckily when i came here, i just finish eat. Ahahahaha.... this time my stomach din grumble oooo.... :-P

    ps: The fish looks very nice, one of these days, must hunt you down to belanja me! :-P

  5. sure Cleffairy... no problem..just send me a message over here... :)

  6. Road side stall is the best sometimes..cheap and delishhh....! ^_^

  7. Yummy, yummy! I love the pics of the dishes n the bones. Now u c it, now u don't. LOL

  8. wow nice food!
    yummy yummy! haha.. =D
    making me feel hungry in the middle of the night.. lol

  9. last time I was there, I saw that everyone ordered 1 fish 1 person!

    But I guess given you ordered other dishes! :)

  10. yes, it should be one person 1 fish.. but that day, the lady told us the fish was quite big so we ordered 3 instead of 5 and then added in that few other dishes too.. just nice...oh, i didnt write the bill hor,. it came to slightly over RM80

  11. Waaa...everything was eaten good...LOL...yummy...i promise myself i won't visit your blog if I did not eat yet. I did not! I have to take a break and eat first.Im drooling. I came to your three blogs. Left comments too...hehehe. Did you buy domain already?

  12. my family likes these kinda food too cos my uncles & cousins are all into fishing and Rawang is like their 2nd home cos alot of fishing ponds there.

  13. i like! These are better than those in Ah Yat and fill stomach...

  14. thanks Amy for dropping by... i will not forget to drop by yours too..

    yes, rawang i think is famous for the fresh water pond fish.. u can get them fresher there.. Jas, definitely after the ah yat, this lan je is much more refreshing.. hahaa...

  15. give you one suggestion, everytime you go makan at stalls, tell the owners that you are a famous blogger and you wnat to put up their pictures in your blog, and thousands of ppl will go and patronize them and ask them for handsome discount on your foods,,

    good idea?

    take care my friend

  16. wah.....so many fishes
    but with different cooking style..should be ok. i like fish. healthy.

  17. dare not la..eugene..as u said, so many bloggers around..me small fry.. they dont need our publicity unless i m the from HO Chiak channel one...or the ah zian... tv8ntv7... that is different story.. hahaa..

    yes, littlelamb, fish is brain food, so they say..

  18. as expected.. another mouth watering post... it's a good thing it's lunch time here... I don't need to wait so that I can eat!!

    food!!! food!!! food!!! food!!!

    Thanks for sharing!


  19. so is Lan Je better than the food in ipoh? price is not too bad eh?

  20. something different from IPOH, barbara... the fish sauce and the sotong dish were very nice.. each time i go rawang, i try to make it to this lan je...

  21. something different from IPOH, barbara... the fish sauce and the sotong dish were very nice.. each time i go rawang, i try to make it to this lan je...

  22. wow, food looks really good!! *yum, yum*

  23. agree wtih u ler....road stall is the best....some ppl cannot take it cause is dirty and hot....

    to me, i like it too...looking at those local dishes....wishing to eat tonight....some local dish in a simple stall.

  24. yes, via, just wear a singlet and a pair of shorts will do.. hahaa.. for ladies, just tie up your hair and sit under the fan...

    thanks for coming by..

  25. Your blog makes me hungry lol. All the nice "tai chow" food. Though I would hate it cause of the weather lately.. It is too hot to eat at this kind of places. :P.

    Good food! Yummy!!

  26. yes, ladyviral, though it is hot, hot, hot, i will travel where food is concerned.. all i did was to tie up my hair, wear bermuda shorts and a cotton tshirt..

  27. awww~~ nice food nice food!! when wanna spend me makan?? muahahahhahh~~

  28. come to rawang and wait for me..haha.. lan je is always there.. but be prepared for hot weather... bring more tissues..

  29. I have came across this restaurant name from "ah xian" food programme at channel 301.


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