Monday, June 22, 2009

One Afternoon In Queensbay Mall

After fetching my son from his hostel around 12.30pm, we adjourned to Queensbay Mall STRAIGHTAWAY.... firstly, both of us were equally hungry.... 2ndly, Queensbay is the only place I am familiar with... If I were to go to town, we would end up rounding here and there and eventually, our stomachs would be "suffering" of hunger.

Ok, coming back to our lunch, we went to Mong Kok restaurant/cafe, not so sure.... Son said he never been there before, (sure ma...students with mums like me .....their budget monthly don't cater for places like these) anyway, once awhile, when mama comes, he can order whatever he likes.... goes....

cold mango dessert
similiar to the durian desserts I have in my earlier post

the durian dessert was much better than this
this pastry was a bit hard

my son's fruit dessert

my bowl of chicken mee...

shanghai mee or something like that...
the mee is the fine type
i like it but the soup was not hot enough

andy ordered this claypot chicken mee

the noodles was different from mine
this looked like yee mee to me..

next comes chicken crepe...

first time eating this
not so nice...
andy packet-ed this back to the hostel

these were what we ordered...

Andy saying Hi to u all!!


  1. hi Andy! much food ler...

  2. hehee.... eat all he wants to... but not actually a lot ler... cos breakfast cum lunch wo... we were both hungry then..

  3. wah.. food is quite a lots... and mummy, I see you putting your name on the pics!! hehehe... got ppl copy your pic and post somewhere ah? muahahaha ;P

  4. last time i used to put.. then lazy...
    if not lazy i put my name there.. just in case la.. hahaa.. never know..
    but also name is very small leh.. like that, also u can see... very geng la u..

  5. talking bout the durian pancake. my hubs n i went to look for it yesterday coz i remembered u mentioning bout it in ur post. u know what? i bought them n when hubs eat it, he commented. apa beza than eating the real fruit? hahahahha.. dunno if that is a complement or not, coming from him? hahahhaha.. i find them shiok lah as i love anything durian! :D

  6. Yummy~ I love mangoes! The mango crepe looks yummy! What's the filling? Cream? Whipped Cream or Ice Cream? Regardless I still like! haha.

    The noodles and dessert all look so yummy. Aiyar and I am reading this at 12:15am haha.

    The Chicken Crepe looks good but not nice ar? Why leh? Tasteless ar?

    Hi to Reana's son, Andy :).

  7. *whine* why i so malang wan? i visit here see so much food and makes me so hungry and my hubby is now oredi asleep, and i cannot pester him to bring me go out eat. *WHINE*

  8. The dessert looks like pillow, no? :D

  9. seriously, to me you are one superwoman,drive soutn and north, makaning,,,, and offcourse non stop blogging,, hat off to you

  10. merryn, can shake hands with me..i m durian lover anytime.. be it flavour or real..

    ladyviral, actually i was full then, perhaps that was why the chicken crepe didnt taste nice to me..

    cleffairy, sorry ah.. didnt meant to torture u ..

    agree with u, chua, they indeed looks like pillows to me too.. hahaa...

    eugene, when yr boys are grown like mine, u will be traveling more than me, i guess... :)

  11. claire, there is a pesta durian at penang on next sunday! rm10 per person or rm30 for family, can check my blog for more info at

  12. I never tried the mango dessert b4.. is it nice?

  13. wah..... the food so so ........exciting!

  14. This is 1 of the reasons y i lurve to vsit ur blog! FOOD! GLORIOUS FOOD! hehe! nyum2

  15. Hi Andy. :)

    Wah.... 2 of you only can eat so much food.... the claypot chiken mee looks good ler, made me drooling. Lol

  16. i can sense u n andy have a good bonding hor..that's so nice

  17. rachel..mother and son bonding..but at times we also had our conflicts too.. not all the time laugh laugh one..

    cheeyee, we couldnt finish the food.. we tar pau back the chicken crepe.. he loved that... he said it tasted better later on in the evening...

  18. gosh. it's 9am now, looking at yr photos, I wanna have lunch for bfast

  19. Woww..your son already so big lah. So nice...

  20. yes, sarah dad n mum.. i m an older lady ma..

  21. the desserts...look yummmmmy!

  22. You must be kidding, Reanaclaire. For me, how nice if my girl already grown up to be an adult.


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