Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Lunch At Kopithiam

Sometimes I wonder whether my girl is too fussy or too simple in her meals, especially during lunch time. When I take her from school, we will be asking one another, what to eat ah...where to eat ah.... at times we go to coffeeshops for economy rice, at times to cafe.. and at times, packet back home to eat.... But whenever we go to Kopithiam, she will surely order this....

her favourite Polo Bun

that is it...
just a polo bun for lunch

a piece of cheese and ham
enough or not for a teenager?
she said enough...

whose nasi lemak?
who else.. must be for the big mama...
messy hor?


  1. wuahahhaha.. seems like the mummy is more teenager need than the daughter lor.. :) Aiya, little gal need to jaga badan ma.. understand de.. :)

  2. mana ada...mama here eats more than can ah... no wonder i m the one putting on weight..sigh...

  3. The nasi lemak got no sambal? Or all eaten by you?

    I thought polo bun is made by pineapple?

  4. The food looks soooooooooo yummy!!!

  5. The bun thingy looks nice to me. It looks yucky when u pry it open though....

  6. hehe..i know what u r thinking, fren...

  7. Good, as long as u don say it out....


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