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Road Bullies... But Blog Bullies Too?

Few days ago I read in the Star online about a road bully in this 30s giving some punches to an elderly man of 70s... Road bullies are pretty common in Malaysia, mostly due to impatience and pride and goodness knows what else.

Now.... how about blog bullies? Is there such a word? Have anyone experienced being disturbed by a "blog bully" before? I bet some of us have experiences with them.... well, though virtually, it is still considered "bullied" or intimidated by them.

As some of you realized, I deleted my chatbox .... why? because I have been receiving some "unwanted remarks" again. It's not that I don't welcome negative comments, I don't mind BUT with a condition, I want to know who you are. Fair enough? After all, this is just a blog, my blog and I hope you will not be anonymous....

We are not perfect humans...we are just ranting out our own feelings here in our own blogs, we need not to be judged, my fren....

Another blogger fren of mine has deleted his chatbox too, same case with me, "meaningless uncalled for" comments that has nothing in connection to our posts.

Well... I guess I am not alone.... anyone has this kind of experience?


  1. OMGawd! I thought Mr/Ms Anon left you alone after our comments. Cheer up, I guess there are juz lots of disgruntled people out there.

    Btw, I deleted my chatbox due to sexually explicit comments. wakakaka

    Hope you moderate the comments as well. ^_^

  2. oh, i didnt moderate them... but needs an ID if want to comment.. but i think that can be manipulated too...lets wait and see...anyway, anton, thanks for coming by...
    so u hv sexual remarks? ha.. more interesting then..haha...

  3. Ayooo....Soo hard lah like this.. soon we need to approve any comment before publish also..

  4. perhaps it wont happen to all... i dont know.. but i checked the IP.. it was from KL...

  5. Well, we can't please everyone, especially the weirdos, idiots, and those mangy canines. :D Sorry I tercarut (swore) in your post. Keep up the interesting posts. ;) Will be doing mine later. Have a nice day.

  6. those are only pity, pathetic ppl that has problem with the society in the real by doing in the cyber world it gives them sense of superior and power.

    "do not argue with idiots, they will only bring u to their standards."

  7. i kind of guessed that's the reason the chatbox gone.

    too bad now everyone can't drop a message there due to some fellow :S

  8. Road or blog bullies are very irritating. I dont like people like that. This is a free country..we can speak out mind loud.. like it or not.. no prize to win..

  9. yes.. it is just too bad when we r spammed and slammed with non ethical remarks from dont-know-who, furthermore, what they wrote have nothing to do with the posts concerned...

  10. Mine ok...but sometimes, they come and chat about other things instead of commenting and make my blog as their chatroom... That's ok by me, will add to the total number of comments. Hehehehehehe!

  11. Don't be so upset becoz of those annoying people ... there were too many sick people out there that wanna to mind other people business ...

    Anyway, there are still lots of blogger that could be the supporters of each others ... I'm glad i blog :)

  12. haha...u got stalker already sis. that shows that u still attractive? :P

  13. chey.. if admirer then different la.. old lady like me, dont waste people's time la... but i think now i know who that is.. ha ha ... use a bit of agatha christie's experience...(from her books i read)...

    stp and tz, well, i don't know who i have stepped on, if i did really irritate him/her, then i m sorry, all i want is to make frens not far as i know, i just say "hi and greetings" and sometimes i just joke about certain things which is quite common among us... other than that, i don know what else...

  14. oh my...I have read somebody's blog similar to what you mentioned Claire....there are people like disturbing....well, they should mind there own business....:) this is our blog and we have our personal rights to defend it....:)

  15. only once,may be i put my pictures there,and these weirdos dont think i am too nice to be bullied or too dangerous to be bullied,,hahahahah.

    dont worry claire, we will survive, and survive we can...

    take care now.

    look at positively,it means you are now famous lioa,,,,,,,

  16. agree with Dhemz..we just want to blog..not to mind other biz...

    eugene..i dont want to be famous la.. let me tell u, i learn a lesson, i better stick close to my own frens bloggers here..those whom i visit regularly.. i guess i prefer a smaller knitted family here...

  17. hey, it's really frustrating to receive these kinda comments huh? i've a blogger friend who has been receiving all sorts of uncalled for remarks ...they even called her daughter names *shake head* these people are crazy and have nothing better to do.

  18. i also dont know what they get from these remarks.. the thing is, they can escape detection bec they commented anonymously...

  19. but when it comes to the time when we need to moderate comments will be like so no fun rite? bullies, pls stop..

  20. I GOT MY SHARE TWICE... but what did i do? I commented back on my cbox.. to anonymous to stop and to some known ones who flood my cbox.. irritating people... i do not allow them to ruin my cbox with all their nonsense, so i fill them with hellos from all my other blogs, that way, they are moved way below teh page till they are not visible anymore...

    BTW, added u at my other blogs and, hope exchange links with you with those 2 blogs also...

    Take care, and keep blogging. I am a fan of yours..

    Mommy Dharlz-Philippines

  21. Thank you Mommy Dharlz for the words of encouragement.. yes, a very good idea... maybe i install back one of these days..meanwhile, let the box not be there first.. phobia now.. hahaha... my post and u understand.. thanks..

  22. Mine's clean cos no one knows except.... I better keep it that way. Have the blog just to myself and those I have made it known. Just need a place to say what is on my mind before age robbed me of my grey cells which I know a few millions cells are dying off every minute...sigh!

    On those Blog Bullies, shame on you! Maybe these bullies have low self esteem so they feel high doing that.

  23. i guess we cant please everybody at the same time and all the time...

    bean, when r u gonna blog again???

  24. The mind is unwilling, the hands unwilling, the eyes unwilling. Got the hint?

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