Friday, June 5, 2009

What I Did Last Summer, oops..Thursday...

Last few days I didn't go out for lunch... my buddy, Lynn is still on medical leave...
Suddenly lunch hour seems so long... what to do ah....
Then my colleague, a syt, said... "mau main make-up tak?" (wanna do make-up?)
Hey, sure, why not.... (cannot be facing the computer whole day, kan?)
Both of us proceeded to the ladies' room behind our office .....
Come, come.... follow us......
After the makeup session,
still got time wo...
never mind, do the hair also la..

step 1

step 2

step 3

eh...boring already la..
snap pic first..

aiyah... cannot snap now
snapped by a good Samaritan...

going to finish soon...
quick, quick..
i sleepy already...

phew.... habis buat....bagaimana?
looks familiar, right?
like those olden days china maids called amah!!

ahhh...this is more refreshing, ya?
my leng lui colleague..
terima kasih banyak, dik..
nanti i belanja

(boss shouting outside)


  1. hahha.. the hair looks familiar when I am 18th years old lei.. :) where got Ah Mah style.. :p

  2. something like that ma...haha... i wonder how she did that...i like to learn also..

  3. u know claire, i can tie that on my own head! takes practice, by the time i mastered it, out of fashion dy! LOL!

  4. ha haa.... u r good then...i need someone to teach me first ... so this is out of fashion... for older ladies ok lar..

  5. The hair was tied nicely. Good job to your colleague.

    The place looked very comfortable. Where is it ya?

  6. waaaaahhhh....can do this in the office? the pleats look nice :D

  7. least you have something to do Claire, still interesting LOL...

    Send my regards to your friend, she is pretty and charming...hehehe.

    So, you erase your cbox ha? I did mine for two weeks now because I kept receiving spam websites...i post the cbox today hoping that site will be gone ...

    friends keep asking for it, you know..

    I have a tag for you, grab it and post it in any of your blog okay? Here is the link:

  8. Wah.. so shiok! Make up + tie hair in the office? I remember last time my ex-colleague also tied my hair like that in the office.. haha!
    Anyway, Thanks for visiting my blog =)

  9. Aiyor...what job is that? Got vacancy, I also want to apply! So free, spend time tying up hair! LOL!!!

  10. oi oi... during a break in the office la... dont tell boss la.. work work also must breathe some air at times... otherwise how to have a refreshing mind? otak tak cergas, how?

    ok stp, if got vacancy, u better fly over to penisular... i will reserve a place for u... ie. when i retire..hahaa..

  11. dare to do..then must dare to show ur face ma.. ahahahahhaha
    this is surau room ar??

  12. no lar..little lamb.. better not disclose face.. wanna be like batwoman.. nanti boss nampak, habis...

  13. hey claire, ths rambut fashion hio i last time ikat to school one! ...we do this way, I ikat for my sister and then she ikat back for me...gitu la, zaman dulu2.

  14. hahaa...i know i m outdated Amy.. thanks tekniyan..for comingby..

  15. yup, like the plait. You should have it in pairs la, then makes you look much much much younger :)

    HOI!! No need to work izzit?

  16. the hair is nice but most ppl where got time to do this luxury of taking care of hair like this :)

    Nice blog u got there.

  17. thank you bengbeng... just for fun we did this...

  18. Wanna practise? do it on me...I am yr guinea pig....

    Wait! U hv to wait for at least a few mths for my hair to grow long enough. Be patient.

  19. chey... u wanna turn sex? yucks..dont come near me please.. disgusting leh!


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