Sunday, July 19, 2009

All I Have To Do Is Rant...

I have been staring at this new post for minutes and still cannot find anything to write about. My mind seems to be empty of words... I asked myself... anything happened today? What did I do from morning till now? Is there anything interesting to share about in my blog today? Nope, except for some boring events... such as this...

"early early morning, have to wake up to take breakfast with Tammy...
afternoon sister came to to practise worship songs for tomorrow's night dinner in church...
evening went to Polo Ground with girlie as usual....then fetched mama to go dinner sekali....
late night just now, realized my dog Labby has destroyed my stuff kept at the driver's side all bec' I forgot to close my car door... the debris were all over and 4 cds were destroyed!" Scolded her like a mad woman.... but then serves me right for being so careless....

Then after cleaning up the debris, watched TV news to hear the same old speech like "we will look into this matter seriously and let the public know....bla..bla...blaaaa..." sigh... What else is new?



  1. busy and active! Really live life to the fullest ..haha..

  2. Still interesting for me to read ^_^...

  3. hehehe...well, it is still worth to write right? LOL

    have a good day today and hoping you will have a nice day at work

  4. Chris.. good to be kept busy by the blog.. :)

    thanks Cath J for the compliment... same with your blog too...

    Miss Mathew, yes, have to eat to live.. hahaa...

    Amy, sure nice to write ... nicer if getting paid too.. :)

  5. Sometimes, really dunno what to blog about....and I only have ONE post a day. You have so many, and so many blogs! LOL!!!

  6. there's really nothing wrong about this post... a post will be interesting as long as your honest and you put your feelings into it.. :)

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. hahahaha did Labby told you to be careful next time?

  8. stp, the other 2 are easier to maintain.. cos on certain topics only.. :) this one is "rojak", anything also put inside..

    Teknisyan, thanks for coming by for moral support..

    chubs, Labby sure taught me a lesson! to be more careful with my belongings in the car.. haiyoh..

  9. Rain or shine,empty or full, it is always good to drop by, it is the feeling of Being Here that counts, so called part of the family already lioa...

    hey have a great start to a new week

  10. oh yea, tell me about it. i have nothing much interesting in my life as well! :9

  11. eugene, same goes to u too.. each day going through our family of bloggers is part of our routine now... enjoy doing it to...

    Ju Ann, no happenings mean good news in a way.. Thank God for His blessings..

  12. Probably you should rant how sux is monday!! HAHAHAHAH I hate waking up on monday morning!!

  13. I guess, I'll just paste my reply here regarding the use of garbage enzyme:

    I used it to mop my floors. 100% enzyme + water only and it cleans really well.

    Add into my body and hair shampoo too. Just get an empty bottle, put 1 part shampoo + 1 part enzyme + reasonable amount of water. You might not get used to it at first b'coz of the enzyme smell and practically no bubbles!

    I used it as insecticide too. Just put small amount of enzyme + water and spray in rooms before sleep. I works for me. Not too thick though or else the room smells funny.

    Add small amount to my washing too!

  14. nvm nvm... write whatever you want, we still come and read de.. :)

  15. Kadusmama, I lurve to rant, everyday... ahaahh.. no wonder men never come near to me...

    kopitelp, thanks for the enzyme info.. i love drinking it actually .. i mean the fruits enzyme...hahaha...

    cynthia, same for u too, i luve to visit yours as well.. carry on blogging Ladies!

  16. Hehe, Labby is at that age where everything is so biteable and chewable lah! So be careful with your barang lor.
    Go read cerita hantu in my blog la ;-)

  17. yes that's right. the same old speech...the bla bla interesting. why do they keep saying something that they wont do...are we stupid or what..hmmm

  18. raynebow, ok sudah baca.. commented too.. tonight dont go "or yeh liew" ok?

    tiee..true, right? each time same old wordings.. "we will take action and make it public...etc etc...." even a kid can memorize the words by now..

  19. cannot find anything to write, but at least there is still a post. hahhahahah. For me..nothing to write, means no post.

    Oh ya, thanks for dropping by my blog. :)


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