Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Have I Done....

OOPSS! I DID IT AGAIN! - by Claireee Speears...

When it comes to hairdo, have anyone of u regretted after coming back from your hairstylist? Especially your old hairstyle is totally changed to something new? And the saddest part is, u get negative feedback from most of your friends????

aaaaahhHHHH!!! I don't know whether to laugh or to feel disappointed, so much mixed feelings... My new hairdo.... alamak... since DAY ONE, (Monday) I have been getting lots of remarks, mostly (-) more than (+) so cham hor...

Ok, ok, enough ranting... let me story a bit ...

Feeling "itchified", I went to re-do my hair on Saturday, from "wave-y"curls, I made them straight, straight like sticks and it is called "rebonding." How old am I? Still doing rebonding?? I asked hairstylist, can or not, suit my age or not... she said "can la... change your style la... so long curly already, change to something new...."

eh.. of course I am not blaming my beautiful hairstylist, its my fault. Lazy ma.. I don't like to put moussseee or blow dry ... and also, to kick the habit of playing with my hair aka. pulling white hair....

Thus, the straightening of my hair.... yucks!! Many-many have commented not matching, I looked funny, (perhaps they meant "weird"), and not used to seeing me like this, it is not Me.... one fren asked me whether I want to hear the truth or fiasco... I answered "Neither!"

The last straw came when the canteen lady boss came up to me and said, "hey, mengapa u buat ni? i suka yang lama tu... (why did u do this, i prefer your old hairstyle).

aaaahhhhHHHH!!!! I WANT MY OLD HAIRstyle...

*sitting on floor kicking legs*

Perm my hair again, it will go hair-wire.... huhuuhhuuu.....soooobbbb...


  1. hey let us see ma how u look in the "rebonding" kind of face ....but hio for rebonding, the 1st day till even i think a week time, the hair is still tak nice one cos it is too straight eh and not see natural then after a few weeks, the straighten will see more natural dy eh, and will see nice one. You be patient loh.

  2. Amy..u r the kindest person to me right now... *hugs* :)

    i know, be patient and let it be natural for a few weeks first..before i can see results, yes?

    u see, ladies ah...ladies like me, vain pot one.. hahahahahah...

  3. Helooooo..... everyone can try something with the hair k...

    Ok my fren... reveal your picture!! Let mommy cathj give opinion... ^_^

    Some people might dont used to see a new transform of somebody... bcoz they have been too used to see you that way...

    Well.. let us see pulak.. :-D, Some times it's the way how we do our hair.. may be some simple tricks can make you look calm with it...

    :D (Waiting for your pic ya... make sure you take the the best style.. ^_^)

  4. another comment... I agree with amy.. it need time to look more natural...

    helooo... I am rebonding mama tooo... *wink*wink*... :D

  5. hi claire, thanks for visiting.

    i can relate with this post albeit a bit differently. My hair's naturally curly and I've had rebonding several times in the past. But i've grown tired of having someone pull my hair for hours, so when I went to the salon last week I asked if anyone knows how to cut curly hair, and all they could offer was rebonding! no thanks :) but i bet for you, it's ok to try a new look..enjoy your new hair for now,:)

  6. guess.. i hv to be patient first.. yes, i have a very funny look now.. makes my face looks bigger than usual cos of the hair being flat... blek.... hahaa...

  7. Never mind...it will grow! In fact, you may even get used to it and like it. Some things need getting used to...

  8. mana gambar untuk hairdo yang baru mu,, tunjuklah then we conduct a poll, to gauge the public opinion,who knows your new hair style may soon be considered the latest trend and the whole Ipoh ladies will spot your hairstyles


  9. nvm la, ppl just don't get used to the way your new hair only... wait few more months, they will say, eh, you gets younger lei... :D You change too drastic, ppl cannot accept de la... ;D

  10. Pikcha! pikcha! we want pikcha!

  11. i'm sure u look prettier with rebonded hair. once ur fren get use to your new hair style, they sure say u look younger.

  12. if only i have time for rebonding! u sure can get some wolf whistle as you walk pass the street with that hair of yours now! Wee weeeetttt!

  13. ahh.. they'll get used to it.. it's normal to get feedbacks like that when there a huge change.. dont worry.. it'll be a norm in a while.. =)

    my msn: kenwooi1988 [at] hotmail [dot] com


  14. Hi Reanaclaire, no matter what or who comments about your hair, good or not nice....you have that million dollar dazzling smile....you certainly have a beautiful smile. I mean it.

    The kind of smile can make a driver, male of course to slam into the back of a bus.
    Don't smile at me if see me, I love my car, ha ha. Just kidding.
    But smile Reanaclaire, never can tell who's falling in love with your smile. Lee.

  15. stp, agreed..anything changed in physical looks will take a period of time to get used looking at, the difficult period is the present state when ppl look at u in amusement or with an ahhhh...

    eugene, give me some time la.. get my best pic first otherwise takut u pengsan too.. or mouth.."ahhhhh"

    cynthia, yes agreed completely.. so now all i got to do is wait for days to pass.. hehe... let my frens stop saying aaaahhh..then everything will be fine..

    gooly, i load up my pickcha when i can get one as beautiful as u.. oh, on 2nd tots, i want to be MORE beautiful than yr angelic lookkkk.. (boleh?) give me 2 months to grooom up first, now cepat cepat go surf for plastic surgeon first.. fai tit fai tit..

  16. U.Lee, i am "swooned" aaahhhh.. thanks for making my day, Lee.. good day to u...

    Miche.. all I got to do is "dream" .. oh, i mean "wait".. give me another week or 2 i guess.. let me get over the flat head of mine... :)

    Merryn, thanks for whistling.. i sure need that.. hahaa...boost up my fallen spirit..

    kenwooi, thanks a lot.... i add u tonite..

  17. Let us see your new hairstyle lah! I want to see, want to see, want to see!
    Can cut short, like punk style if you don't like the new curls, can become 20 years younger leh...ha ha ha! LOL

  18. Ah, Aunty, don't worry. Aaron, Andy and Fernie will still love you no matter what you do with your hair. Who knows they might like it even better?

    But you have that wonderful smile of yours to make all the negatives go positive.

    Henry Yew

  19. pete..no more curls la. all macam sticks.. straight like ruler..

    henry..thanks for brightening up my day.. thinking of them coming back this weekend will distract me from anything else.. they will be keeping me busy..hahaa...

  20. they still dont get used to ur new hair that....give them a time...later it will be just like normal....n u will look just fine in any style if ur heart says so.maybe u dont have to take their feedback...maybe u should just accept it....well ya everytime I go to re-do my hair...esp my fringe...it will comes out "uh I hate this"...but forget it....thing happens....hehe

  21. takes time to get use to it lo. hehehe...

  22. I thought there is a picture to see. :(

  23. Hello, ya rebonding hair will look too flat and straight for the first 2 weeks, let the roots of the hair grown out then it'll look much better. I did rebonding last time and the first word my hubby told me is "UGLY"!! when he saw me..huhuhu~

  24. Oh.. u went to do a rebonding... hehehe when I first did it, I'm also not used to it. But now ok already. If u never try, u will never know ler. Like the others said, wait for 1-2 weeks. When everyone started get used to it, they wont' say "ahhhh". :)

  25. connie, irene, annie, tin tin and chee yee...thanks for the encouragement.. yes, now all i got to do is to wait, wait and wait.. meanwhile, will continue to accept the "u look funny, last time better, why u go and do... " remarks..hahhaa..


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