Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh My Sleeping Child...

Baby is 12 days old, Lynn invited us to her house to eat black vinegar pork leg and chicken cooked with chinese wine, both of these dishes are my favorites... around 11.30am, my colleague and I sneaked out to savor the mouth watering dishes....

Both mother and child are getting on fine... both equally adorable... hahhaa..... I couldn't help cuddling her, she is just like a doll... so cuddly... (so many years I have not carry a new born baby in my arms... how I miss that feeling.....)

the young cute mother.....

ahh...these were what I meant earlier...

sweet vinegar cooked with pork leg
chu kwok choe...

chicken cooked with chinese wine
with lots of dried fungus...
I suka!!!

After eating, we went back to office feeling some heatiness and drowsiness as well... but it was worth it!! (Lynn, got anymore or not??)


  1. You're baby is so cute, like Mommy huh?

    Thanks for the visit Claire. Blessings to you all...

  2. Wowwww..... delicious lah...... why no photo oh???? ^_^

    I mean you photo.. ^_^

  3. hoping my baby can be as cute in future.

  4. I wish i'm cuddling this chubby baby of Lynn... Claire, she is lika d doll!!..*geram*

    I like the chicken cooked with chinese wine...hmmm, gonna get my MIL to cook for me lah ni...

  5. Princess Sarah, she is not my baby.. how i wish she is mine.. hahhaa....

    Cath J, i have taken a pic with baby but turned out very jelek, i dare not post it here..

    Richard, i m sure your baby will be as cute or cuter... one day... :)

  6. Mauve..i miss that too.. i mean the vinegar and the chicken wine.. i took so much that i felt the heat too.. hahaha.. but dont care la.. wallop first..suffer later..

  7. So nice can have confinement meal without having go thru it ;)

  8. ooo i love the 2 dishes too.. i miss the vinegar......

  9. I love these dishes and the baby as well!

  10. Wah, cute baby, love baby smells too. Now my little toddler already 19 months old, very active. Cannot keep up with him!
    Pork knuckle....good for the bones cartilage....some more taste nice! Eh, you are not in confinement leh, also get to eat lar! ha ha ha!

  11. hahaha.. i tumpang eat la... not getting enough too.. the confinement lady is good... cos the vinegar pork knuckle (not pork leg hor) was to my taste... enough sweetness and a bit sourish at the same time... hhhhmmmm.swallowing saliva now...

  12. Baby is adorable! Can't tell if she got mommy's good looks or daddy's yet.

    The usually chinese wine vinegar foods... I always love the chicken fungus thing... yummy~

  13. Ah...very different from here! We eat Foochow mee sua in chicken soup (cooked with lots of ginger and Foochow red wine)...and hard boiled eggs when we visit a friend in confinement...

  14. i also wanna cuddle her..the baby i cute!

  15. For those food I dont mind being pregnant all over again!!!

  16. can we swap job,yours can sneak out one, but can die one,,, so ok or not to swap,?

    babies are always so beautiful.

    take care now and have a great weekend

  17. ladyviral, babies normally not fixed looks yet..if u know what i mean.. their faces change and before u know it, they r mixture of both..

  18. stp, yes, foochow takes red wine with mee sua, my SIL is a foochow too and sometimes we buy back from Sitiawan, the red in colour home made wine.. and the red eggs will be given when baby turns one month old.. that day was the 12th day so normally drink the black vinegar and chicken with white wine..

    Barb, i also want to cuddle.. hehe.. like teddy bear .. hehee...

    Merryn, how about planning one now?? remember to invite me over for the vinegar... yum yummmmm

    eugene, my job gives measly pay.. unlike yours.. surely u wont want to swap??

    Have a wonderful weekend EVERYONE!

  19. awwww she's so cute on the third picture!


Thank you, readers!

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