Monday, July 27, 2009

Us In AkamomijiJapanese Restaurant

My son, AA promised to "belanja" us when he comes back for the weekend. So true to his word, he remembers and he took us to a Japanese restaurant which we have not been to before. Girlie was most happy, japanese food is her for me, so-so only cos I still don't know how to enjoy eating it yet.....BUT I dont mind going once a while...

This Japanese restaurant is called Akamomiji, I wonder what it means... didn't "char chee tim" yet. When we went around 6.30pm, it was quite empty, but after ordering our food, wa..lauuu.. so many people came and in a matter of minutes, the whole place was filled up. I wonder why... the prices were not cheap at all...

see, it was quite empty when we walked in..

fernie's set...

andy's set...

our set.. AA & I
a bit of everything...

can see the ice cubes?
i wonder why it needs the cubes there..

the noodles was quite tasteless..
only the tempura prawns was to my liking

anyway, it was quite empty
cos we were hungry...

the double AAs...

plus the 2 ladies..

The bill came to RM85.00...
Thank you very much, AA for the wonderful dinner..
(psstt.... btw, can we have a free dinner on u every month?)


  1. hmm what a life :) And I'm sure the foods are delicious. I never tried japanese foods. I would be interesting to taste foods from different country.

    Anyway its ok if you could invite me for lunch or dinner hehe. The best thing in Life is FREE :):)

  2. hahaa...sure Weng, if u happen to come by Malaysia, do call upon me, i will take u for a japanese treat...

  3. Claire is that you with purple blouse???????

    OMG Claire... you look youngerrrrrr!!! Please tell me that was you... >_<

  4. Leow chiok hou lah, got anak anak belanja, i kena belanja them now, just kidding, it is good to know that children have the parents in the heart.

    even remembering taking the parents to makan a simple meals, i think they will just bring a smile to us,,,,,,,,,,,,

    wait for me for another 10 years or so , i will blog about my children taking me to Japanese restaurant called "Tunngu Lagi"

  5. Cath J.. ya to that question.. u want me to belanja japanese food or korean? hahaaa....

    Eugene, sure got peluang one.. your sons will take u to Overseas Restaurant or Ah Yat Abalone.. more classy one.. u name it, they pay it.. :)

  6. These foods are look so delish. Seem like theres a fiest in that restaurant thats a bunch of yummo foods you got in there.

  7. hi amy...hi shydub.. thanks for coming by...if u love japanese food, then this restaurant is right for u... :)

  8. Whoa Claire! When I reached that part about the two ladies, I quickly scroll up again to see if you mentioned anyone else besides your kids.. then I realised, that the one with your daughter is YOU! Fuiyo! The hair really makes you look like feeeeeeewwweeeeeeet!

    ANd by the way, so cute that they need ice for the cold noodles. The cold noodles that I eat doesnt come with ice!!!! hahaha

  9. wow.. nice food! Next time I go there, you bring me ah.. and the pricing? cheap lor compare to KL... and the noodles is call "cha soba" and it's one of my favourite! You need to dip into a soup type (cold) also and some eggs too.. hehhee..

  10. thanks for following dear..i will do the same...hope to see you again

  11. Hi Merryn.. yes, first time i eat ice cube noodles.. tasteless, must dip into the sauce that is cold as well too.. not what i like... hahhaa.a.

    cynthia, u r very right, my son told me to dip it in, as i said, not good.. i really dont know how to enjoy.. nasib baik my anak can finish it all... cheap? i think it cost 33rm for that set lar.. expensive..haha..but got few pieces of cod fish and salmon..

    jacky, thanks for following.. do keep in touch..

  12. That noodles is called tsumetai soba meaning cold noodles(that's why it has ice cubes) and dipped into sauce--good for summer but I don't like them,too lol!!I prefer hot soba!!

  13. Hey, is this the one near Tesco new shops? My friends said they took 2 hours to finish one lunch cause the slow service! How long your dinner took?

  14. Clarissa, thanks for the information, i also dont like it much, sort of tasteless to me too.. hahaa...

    cindy, yes, it is near the new fact there r 2, one is called kizuna and further down is the one..ako..something.. that was why i said, when we went,it was quite empty cos early.. but by 7.30, it was full.. didnt know it was so laku one also.. so try to go at odd times.. otherwise hv to wait, i guess.. we finished ours in around an hour.. so should be ok..

  15. i'm not really into japanese food myself. but if kena belanja,i have no complain...LOL.

  16. one son Andy, another son call what??
    daughter so beautiful...

    next time u come KL, i bring u eat japanese..ok

  17. Hi sis.. wow I have my mouth watering looking at the photos.. I love Japanese food a lot. The sashimis and the sushis.. Makes me hungry. I love what u got sis.. Those fresh fish meat make me soooo hungry..

  18. I love japanese food.. always look for it once a month.. hahaa..

  19. Oooh don't look too bad.. but the ice cubes was a turn-off. They should serve the noodle cold, not with ice cubes on it. cold noodles hence the ice cubes. It should come with a sauce that is like soya sauce but not salty... not sure what it is to be honest. Cold noodles are tasteless, they aren't meant to have taste because it is meant to be eaten after all the sashimi and sushi. The tasteless noodle is to make you full and feel not so jilat after all the raw food or so.

  20. I love japenese food too!! My favourite...yummy!!!

    The price quite reasonable at Akamomiji lei, 4 person only RM85.

    Pssttt...u're so so young!!! And your kids so big already!!! OMG! How you keep yourself so good, must tell me the "secret recipe"!:)

  21. mama mia, we can shake hands.. if belanja, anything can.. hahaa..

    Rachel, thank u.. next time i introduce u to my kids when we go KL for japanese.. eh..u take me only or treat me only? :)

    sweet shelo, yes, u r right.. a few pieces of cod and salmon, i made myself ate those raw.. but to my surprise, no fishy smell leh.. i quickly put some pickled ginger inside my mouth.. actually no fishy smell one.. me only siyeh..

    Ca.Alv, once a month? i think i rather 2 months once.. if my girl wont pester me, ie.

    Ladyviral, yes, what u said was right..the noodles dipped into some liquid then only put into mouth.. nothing special about that.. but one thing good.. not oily ma..:)

    Annie Q, not cheap either.. i rather have chu chow anytime.. hahaa.. thanks for your compliments, i take that for now, but when u see me in real, u will be "shocked" ...

  22. Never tried japanese food here in Mississippi. We always go to Chinese restaurant and Italian Reataurant. I saw one Japanese Restaurant nearby, maybe we will go there and eat for curiosity...LOL. Thanks for sharing.

  23. the food look delicious :) is this restaurant in ipoh garden? i saw many jap/korean restaurant there :D eh..your boys very handsome and your girl is so pretty :D

  24. hi post about it when u do visit the japanese restaurant..

    Barb.. u love japanese food too? from what i ate, the food was very fresh, i guess that is the reason for the crowd..
    btw, thank u for your compliment ..

  25. eh...don't have my set o? hehe...

  26. claire, been reading about ur 'hairy' adventures, haha... now looking at ur pics, I would say I think your new hairdo suits you leh, some more it makes u look much younger!!! =D

    curly hair tends to make one look more matured (i.e. me lorrr), and i've always wanted to have straight hair but tried before and alot of ppl said dun suit me, cos I have very round face, so gotta learn to love my natural curls lorrr =P bleeekkkkk

    anyway, enjoy ur hairstyle, i think you look great! =D

  27. Gabriel, next time ah..join us.. this time u pay..?? hahhahaa..

    Yanz, i also have a much rounder face than yours.. that is why the first few days i looked very awkward.. but now still rounded la.. hahhaa.. cos i ate so much.. anyway, i already done it so no turning back.. at least one year it will have to be straight..
    curly hair is also nice, in fact,more feminine and sexy looking too.. *wink*

  28. Wah, you son so bit already ah? Eh you look young leh!

  29. Pete, u wan me to belanja u what type of restaurant? but i think u cook better than outside food la... i prefer home cooked ones...

  30. i tried japanese food a few times but i find them quite expensive and not all are tasty. But i do like some of the dishes. the california roll, the different types of sushi, and i especially like the restaurants with choo choo train in them. hehe..My kids can stare and talk about it for hours...

  31. u really got good looking kids man, kids big de, can enjoy life lor :)

  32. Oh I love japanese food! Made me so hungry now. :P

    I love cold soba. But first time see it with ice cube. And yeah you looks so young!! :D

  33. tiee, i like california roll too.. at least got few i m learning to eat jap food, those days, i dint even like the taste..

    irene, kids big cos i m getting years older too...

    chee yee, thanks for compliment, i put a lot of "ICI" paint on my face ma.. hahaa...

  34. wow it all looks fab. i have always wanted to go to one

  35. It looks great, but not sure about how it tasted.

  36. thanks for coming by..all of u here..

    Gab, Tina, Jarlin.. the food is so so to me lar.. i prefer asian food anytime.. hahha...

    Sarah's parents, thanks for the compliments...


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