Sunday, August 9, 2009

Singing "We R The Chum Pians"

Saturday spent having a badminton tournament with inter-districts of Perak. One week before the tournament, we had a 4 days training in this Badminton Academy which is situated near north south highway, on the way going to Chemor. This academy is newly built specially for the state players... but of course,we r just kacang puteh players.. nowhere near Wong Mew Choo.. lol...

situated out of nowhere, this Badminton Academy...

taken these pics during training time...

the entrance...

after the opening ceremony
of the badminton tournament

tournament in progress...

one court for the ladies
there were 9 pairs of ladies..

Before the game...
all looked energetic...

After the and partner
both looking haggard...
(smaller pic)
But we made it !!

Din't wait for the prize giving, we were too tired..
Totally Exhausted!!
Now I have to admit .. old bones r really old bones
(loe kwat tou)


  1. congraz to you!

    wah u very good in badminton..

    now i know...

  2. so keng arh u! congrats!!!

    the last time i played badminton when my eldest was 2yo! that also, after 15mins, kaput d. lol.

  3. Good Lord! When was the last time I played? Early 80s...I think! LOL!!! Not bad lah you...still going strong!!!

  4. CH Voon, frankly speaking, not very good, my partner is really good..

    Miche, i played for years but still cannot be like Wong Mew Choo..dont know why.. lol....

    STP, i play once weekly, this is the only game i love to play... and yet, as i said, cannot beat Wong Mew Choo..who is also from IPOH.. hahaha..

  5. congratulation ah... you still can ma.. see see.. win somemore..

  6. Congratulations Calire & d gang!!!! age is definitely NOT a factor :) Kudos to u!

  7. i liked and play badminton too! c",)

  8. Cynthia : playing time, no pain.. but now like whole body breaking up.. hahaha...

    Miss Mathew, thanks.. age is not, the body system is.. :)

    Amy : thank u...

    Beng, badminton is a nice game if u have the right partners and opponents.. :)

  9. nice.. it's been a long long time since i played badminton.. arrghh.. need to start playing again and build my stamina! =D

    p/s: editing the template can be done by editing the HTML code.. =)

  10. wow badminton, I like watching others playing good.
    congrats to you.

  11. ken, take a form of exercise.. jogging is good for young men like u...

    Weng, i like to watch too.. today world cup badminton is going to start...

  12. Regardless of winning or not, least it is a fulfillment in everyone that you all have played! Winning is another reward!


  13. Senior Wong Mew Choo is in the making, bravo...

    i believe you had truly enjoyed yourself and that's good

  14. are active in sports...that is really good hahaha...enjoy more claire

    was here today, visiting

  15. Great, hope you enjoyed your favorite game.

  16. Congrats and salute to u & gang la Claire! :) Terrer la you all...

  17. Ronald, badminton is a nice game, yeah..

    Ladyviral, thanks... we really enjoyed it very much.. :)

    Eugene, my game will bring Wong Mew Choo to tears and shame... hahaha...

    Amy, yes, the only game I am active in.. :)

    Jarlin, yes, we had a good time... now body aching.. hahaha...

    Mama Mia, not terror but made banyak errors...hahaa... thank u anyway..

  18. are still super active.

  19. MeRy, not super.. once a year affair.. hahaha...

  20. The court looks good. I do fancy playing in such court

  21. is a pretty new academy...first time too for me playing there.. at least not slippery..

  22. sure she must be good in badminton and she a die hard fan of our malaysia player


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